Wednesday, January 22, 2014

7 Favorite Pro-Life Posts - Remembering the Unborn on January 22

Today is the 41st anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Here we are, 55 million dead babies later and still we're advocating for the unborn - but we are making some amazing headway. In keeping with today's theme, I've gathered some of my favorite, or most popular, pro-life posts. I hope you'll join me in marking this day with the unborn in your prayers and in your heart.

Are You Smarter Than a 4-year-old? 

This post shows how kids, unfettered by preconceived notions, 'get it' when it comes to the humanity of the unborn.
Thinking of the unborn as individuals, personalizes the picture of abortion for me. Those millions of faceless babies - represented by crosses, memes, or other pro-life tactics - could have been, should have been just as amazing as any one of us.

When a Pro-Life Victory Doesn’t Mean You’re Winning

At 20 weeks all babies feel pain, yet legislation has excepted babies conceived in rape and incest as well as including a 'life of the mother' clause. This type of incremental thinking may not be the way to go...

Let's Stop Nitpicking Abortion

Instead of getting lost in the details, we should consider the big picture. The humanity of the unborn, now irrefutably proven by science, is all the consideration we need to apply. All pro-choice arguments are thus moot.

Pope Francis Wants a Mess? Let's Stir Up Some Pro-life Passion

Pope Francis was quoted as telling the attendees at World Youth Day to 'make a mess' and 'take the Church to the streets'. Of course, my instant reaction was to find a way to inspire and encourage pro-life advocates to become foot soldiers for Life.

The Unborn as Lazarus

The plight of Lazarus was not due to anything the rich man did to Lazarus - the sin came from inaction - because he also didn't do anything for him. How do we measure up in regards to the unborn? Are they on our 'action list'?

Abortion Takes a Human Life - What More Needs to Be Said?

There has also been much talk about exceptions, when it comes to the pro-life issue. Some say that it’s okay to compromise, that babies born with defects, conceived by rape, or who endanger their mother’s health are somehow less worthy of being saved. They are expendable. Of course, we know this isn't so.

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