Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make your own Veil

In a blog I shared over at Catholic Sistas, entitled Lifting the Veil...onto my Head, I went into how my daughter and I discerned whether or not to begin veiling. Now I would like to share my method of making a veil of my own. I caught a sale at Hancock Fabrics and spent right around $10.00 for all of my materials. Even if you pay more than that, it is well worth the effort!

1 yard lace fabric (will make 4 veils)
2 1/2 yards of matching lace (for each veil)
1 spool matching thread
Carefully cut away the lacy edges.
Fold lace fabric in half and then halve again. Cut.
Round the corners to achieve the desired effect.
Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the lace along the sides of the veil. You will need to tuck or fold the lace at the turns.

After I created my veil, I noticed that it seemed a bit stiff, so I soaked it in a small amount of baby shampoo/conditioner and water, rinsed and allowed it to air dry. The baby scent gave it an extra special something!
Since the materials made more than one veil, I dyed one of them by soaking it in strong coffee overnight. It turned out to be a nice old lace/ivory color. I washed it by hand to eliminate the coffee smell.

By this time, I was feeling a bit more creative and so made another veil by simply cutting around the lace flowers to created a cut-lace look. I applied Fray Not  to prevent raveling.

I certainly did not want our veiling to become a distraction by constant adjustment, so I sewed my granddaughter's veil onto a satin headband (using a slip stitch). This way, she can simply slip it on and it stays in place much better than trying to use clips or hair pins. She is quite active and replacing the veil/headband is something that even a two-year-old can do.

Since Mother's Day, we have all continued to veil and I am grateful that we were led to this devotion by the whispers on our hearts!

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