Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day - All Gave Some, Some Gave All

I've been reminded by those who know from painful experience, that this day - Memorial Day - is not National Picnic Day, or Get Drunk at the Lake Day, or Shopping Extravaganza Day or even Veterans Day. Memorial Day honors those soldiers who gave all - their very lives - in service to our country. We owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid - except maybe by our sincere prayers for their souls and for the loved ones they left behind. We honor them by remembering their sacrifice.

So go ahead, enjoy yourself. Bask in the freedom, sunshine, and camaraderie. But never forget at what expense these have been won and preserved for you. Only Jesus shows us a more perfect example...

For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. John 3:16

Monday, May 19, 2014

Betrayed - Exposing the Anti-Girl Agenda of the Girl Scouts

What fuels your Pro-LIFE drive? Jane, Lifetime Member and one of four generations of Girls Scouts in her family, answers with a tragic tale of betrayal.


Guest Post by Jane Petry

The issue of life has always been important to our family. Even though important, none of us had truly spoken out in a public arena. All of this changed when I received an email from C-FAM Austin Ruse regarding the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. This email spoke to me as a Lifetime Member of the G.S., four generations of our family were in fact members of the Girl Scouts.

Being betrayed by the G.S. was a blow to me personally. I had become a GS in the second grade and went on to earn the highest of all awards which is the now Gold Award. As a Catholic G.S. our troop, led by my mother, was the first group in St. Louis to receive its Marian Award. Our three daughters also earned this award. I was the Troop Organizer, Troop Consultant and leader of girls for more than 15-years. My husband helped with council events and stood with me as I was awarded medals for my work on the Catholic Committee. I dedicated 30-years to that committee in the St. Louis Archdioceses working with girls.

I was a proud Girl Scout, yet willful blindness never really entered into my thinking. I could no longer defend and promote a group, which was dear to my heart, when I realized it was in fact anti-girl. I, as a matter of fact felt guilt that I had unknowingly, as a mother, influenced our daughters. One of our daughters in fact even worked for the Girl Scout Council and later became a Girl Scout troop leader and a Boy Scout Den mother. Another daughter, as a TV news reporter, promoted stories regarding the G.S. and its program, Beyond Bars, and accompanied girls to a prison to visit their mothers. This daughter also sat on a task force for girls and hosted the Gold Award ceremony. We were proud and we were Girl Scouts. Soon granddaughters were added to the list of now four generations of Girl Scouts.

This all ended and my goal became one of exposing their agenda to all. This is not an easy message for a group with years of respect. I knew the indoctrination power this group had, could in fact, have an adverse effect on our culture. Certainly, this new intent and program of the G.S. was not in keeping with our Catholic faith. My Girl Scout background enabled me to soon learn that the G.S.’s new Journey Program had been developed to be a cult. I also knew that the wonderful leaders in our Catholic parishes would never consider implementing this most hideous agenda with their girls. Sadly the Girl Scout Program no longer consisted of badge work, as in prior years, and the majority of troops were only a social club. Unknowingly, parents fed the G.S. promotion of abortion agendas and sexual promotion. Each innocent child that was registered and each box of cookies sold, in fact, fed the evilness of which the Girl Scouts had become. It was clear the organization had become a liberal, progressive, feminist organization intent on changing all that moral parents hold to for their daughters.

Mahatma Gandhi gives us this: First they ignore you...Then they laugh at you...Then they fight you...Then, you win.

I was asked by someone unnamed, “Jane, why are you doing this?” I simply said, “I had not figured out how to tell God no.” There are a number of courageous women involved in this grass roots effort to save our girls. What, as parents and leaders, do we say to our girls if we allow them to be a part of this group that is now known for its lack of morals and values? Our Lord gives us his word as to the consequences of leading a child to sin.

I have said from the start and each day in prayer; Lord let your will be done. I have seen the tremendous power of prayer as that plan has played out beyond the vision of anyone working on this could have imagined. Truly, this has been God’s plan. We are only laborers in his vineyard. To have been chosen is a gift and I proudly accept the challenge. All for the Glory of God.

In His Name,
Jane E. Petry

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For more information about how girls are being betrayed by the Girl Scouts, check out the following links:

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"The documentary shown to the Girl Scouts celebrates abortion, lesbian sex, and sexual freedom. The PBS trailer of the film includes an older woman laughing about faking orgasms--not entirely the kind of thing the family would sit down and watch while dunking Tagalongs into a glass of milk."
“The documentary ends by proclaiming the women’s movement an ‘unfinished’ revolution which must be spread worldwide,” reports Hasson.
Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood: Are the Cookies Finally Crumbling? - Heavily linked/sourced article from Catholic Stand. This was also shared by major Catholic publications.

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Speak Now Girl Scouts - This group works to expose the GS. Many examples.

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Betrayed - Exposing the Anti-Girl Agenda of the Girl Scouts is the latest installment of guest posts in reply to my question, "What fuels your pro-LIFE drive?" 

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Veiling and You: 5 Things Catholic Boys and Girls Should Know

The devotion of wearing a veil is seeing a definite upswing throughout the country. This is evidenced by first time sales by veiling companies as well as the rapid growth of veiling groups in social media. One such group to which I belong, has seen its numbers grow from 10 to 700+ - since February! Lively discussions, education, and camaraderie are seen on a daily hourly basis. Today, one of the ladies posed a question:
I'm thinking my daughter and I will wear full veils this weekend. Any tips on veil apologetics for a 6 year old?
Her question was the perfect catalyst to set me into action. I wanted to include young men in the discussion because they should also be made aware. After all, we are training them to respect women and their special place in God's plan. This may be an evolving list, but here are five ideas I can readily share:

1.) Women are very special in the eyes of God. He made them to nurture new life and to be the complimentary (different, yet equally important) partner to men. The most special woman ever born was Mary, the Mother of God. God asked something very difficult from her - he wanted her to be the mother of His Son, Jesus. When she said 'yes' to Him, she showed us how we should react when we are asked to do something for God. If you look at pictures or statues of Mary, you will see that she has her head covered with a veil. One of the ways we can try to be like her is to do the same. Saying 'yes' to God, no matter what He asks, and showing that we understand He created us in a special way by wearing a veil, are two ways we can honor Him.

2.) Since women and girls are special and want to honor God, they should show respect when they go to His house. When we go to an important place or have a special occasion in our lives, we dress a certain way. We wear our very best on Easter, Christmas, birthdays, and weddings. When we go to God's house (church), we are certainly going somewhere very important! That's why we should do our very best to give honor to God by looking our best. In addition to wearing their best clothing, women and girls can also show Him how much they love Him and His mother by wearing a veil.

3.) Notice things in the church itself. You will see that the altars are decorated with flowers and candles. We have beautiful statues and Stations of the Cross. We also see that holy things are often covered. During Holy Week, the statues and crucifix are covered with a veil. The Eucharist, which is Jesus Himself, is also covered when not being given to the people during Holy Communion. Even the tabernacle has a veil behind its doors - to show how special the Contents are. As the beautiful flowers in God's garden, women and girls can put on a veil to show that they know they are His.

4.) Wearing a veil can also be a big help when we are trying very hard to concentrate during Mass. Do you ever notice that sometimes you feel distracted and start daydreaming during Mass? Maybe someone beside you is fidgeting or maybe there is something else going on that keeps you from your prayers. Wearing a veil can keep you on track - just like using Rosary beads to pray can keep you focused on what you're supposed to be doing.

5.) Wearing a veil whenever you're in church is a way to show what's going on inside (your thoughts, prayers, and love of God), on the outside. The priest wears his vestments to show us that he is acting in the person of Christ during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Married people wear a wedding ring to show that they belong to each other. Religious sisters and nuns wear habits to show that they have given their lives to Jesus. Wearing a veil shows that a woman or girl belongs to God. It helps others see that they are serious about doing what God wants them to do.

I hope this brief list will help begin a fruitful discussion of veiling with your children. Please share any other thoughts in the comment section below. If you know of someone who is contemplating the devotion of veiling, feel free to share this post. God bless!

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Memes (and Counting) for Moms - Mothers Day Weekend Tweetfest

In the spirit of appreciation for Mothers on this Mothers Day weekend, I'd like to share some thoughts about Motherhood with you - in picture form. A recent post, 14 Things Catholic Mom Want to Tell You About Themselves, by Catholic Sistas inspired my creative side. Please consider participating with my friends and me by joining the Mothers Day tweetfest - use the hashtags #CatholicMom and #MothersDay.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

 1. Motherhood is Fun!

2. Motherhood starts at fertilization

3. Motherhood means an open heart!

4. Motherhood is a blessing - submitted by

5. Motherhood is comforting.

6. Motherhood cares for others before self.

7. A mother's heart is a sturdy shelter.

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8. Motherhood is timeless.

9. Seeing the world through your children's eyes - ~Submitted by Nancy

10. Motherhood is pro-LIFE! ~Submitted by Nicole D.

11. Motherhood - knowing your children are the sunshine of your life! ~Submitted by Therese

12. Glorious Motherhood! ~Submitted by Tina

13. Spiritual Motherhood - Emulating the love of Jesus and His Blessed Mother!

14. Sister...a great stand-in when Mom's no longer there. After all, Mom showed her how to love!

15. Adoption, a love connection.

16. For the sake of the Blessed Mother, hold them in all Honor! ~Tina

17. No one can take her place! ~Submitted by Tina

18. Motherhood - finding joy, no matter what! ~Submitted by Jennifer

19. Motherhood - Faith, Little Fears, Fun, and Lots of Love! ~Submitted by Beatrice

20. Motherhood...when one of each isn't enough! ~Submitted by Caila

I also wanted to share a sweet message posted on my wall by our youngest son today!

A tribute to Mothers everywhere...

So what are you waiting for? Share your photos and thoughts about mothers in the comments or on the Designs by Birgit fan page. I'll publish, share, and tweet your creations!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pro-Life Science: The Path of Greatest Resistance

Debi Vinnedge, of Children of God for Life, answers my question, "What fuels your Pro-LIFE drive?"

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Fifteen years ago, whenever I would attempt to discuss embryonic stem cells, I would get that "deer in the headlights" look. Huh? What's a stem cell, people would ask?  The Clinton administration had recently put this issue in the limelight by proposing federal funding that would involve the deliberate destruction of human embryos for research purposes.  And yet the enormity of this depravity was just not sinking in with the prolife movement.    

I knew my work was cut out for me and I didn't like it one bit, but I also knew it was what God was calling me to do:  "You don't have to change the world Debi, just tell them the truth."

Who, me?  I don't even like science, I whined in reply.  I remember mumbling something about how this was really going to mess up my perfectly well-ordered life but I humbly complied.  And so, Children of God for Life was born as a prolife organization that would educate the public on these issues that no one else seemed to want to touch at the time. 

Now, ignorance breeds fear and so I began giving talks on the differences between adult and embryonic stem cells.   I ran full page ads in secular newspapers, encouraging people to write and voice their concerns during the time period for public response.

So when the Clinton administration tabled the issue, I thought it was over and I happily settled back into my normal routine. But less than two weeks later I would read an article that was about to change my life forever: "Vaccines from abortion judged morally acceptable".  I was shocked, stunned and horrified on many levels, particularly by the nonchalant acceptance of a Catholic bioethicist quoted in the article.

Now in fairness, this bioethicist knew nothing about the history of the abortions or the ensuing research. What we did know is that these tiny martyrs had been reduced to nothing more than biological numbers, patents and product ingredients.  I was nauseated to realize that my own children had received some of these vaccines.  I felt deceived, angry, violated.  How many other moms felt the same, I wondered?  And while I knew something had to be done,  I also knew that I didn't want to be the one to do it.   

Now, I like to think of myself as a faithful willing servant if God calls upon me, but I am also not stupid.  The pharmaceutical industry is huge, powerful, rich.  Talk about David and Goliath!

So I chalked it up as yet one more nasty attack on the culture of life, sighed and tried to move on with my life. But there was this constant tugging at my heart that wouldn’t go away. And I knew that once again, God was leading me somewhere I didn't want to go.

That place would begin with exhaustive research into the past and what I would uncover aged me beyond my years, broke my heart, and shattered my soul.  There were science reports and patents dating into the early 1900's, detailing forced abortions, sterilizations, intact babies removed from their mothers, hearts still beating, live dissections, experiments with various fetal organs - all in the name of science and the almighty dollar.

Somehow we have been lulled into believing that this barbaric, utilitarian practice is the right thing to do – alas, we have no choice – we must protect society from infectious disease at all costs – unfortunate, but so very necessary.

I can only respond in a word that would not be permissible in this writing, so suffice it to say that  using aborted babies as products to help those children fortunate enough to be born is akin to the most vile form of cannibalism imaginable.  Yet we are asked to accept it for every polite reason except one that begs the question:

What kind of a civilization have we really progressed to when we can find no better way to protect ourselves than by using the remains of murdered children?

Despite the seemingly insurmountable barriers,  Children of God for Life has made progress. We expanded our education efforts to over two dozen foreign countries; we launched a successful campaign to ensure moral vaccine options in the event of a bio-terrorist attack; we exposed the use of aborted fetal cells in cosmetics and as testing material for the food and beverage industry; we mounted a victorious boycott of Pepsi which convinced them to change their research and development and last but not least, we have partnered with a prolife biotech firm that is working to provide moral alternatives for all vaccines and medicines that utilize aborted fetal material. 

There is great hope as we move forward.  And I have no doubt we will win this battle with God on our side, just as He gave David the strength to defeat Goliath.  For with Him, all things are possible.

Debi Vinnedge is the founder and Executive Director of Children of God for Life.  For more information on their work visit
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This is the third installment of a series where pro-LIFE leaders are asked to share their journey with us. See the first two posts here and here.