Monday, July 13, 2009

Web Page Update

A friend of mine emailed me today to ask about a broken link on my personal website. As I searched for the offending link, I became aware that it had indeed been a LONG time since I had updated my site. An hour (or two) later finds me with a bit of a better design than my original. The thing about design - and life in general - is that there is always room for improvement. All one really has to do is look with an open mind...

Check out the new website :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A new beginning...

The title of my blog may be confusing to some. While I claim it to be a design blog intended to document my creative ventures, I find that this point in time leads me in a quite diffferent direction...creativity will nonetheless find its way here from time to time and hopefully will one day be my only topic. For the time being, bear with me while I plod along...

Although this is not my first foray into the bloggosphere, it is my first personal attempt. I have been Rick's ghost writer for a while now on his work-related blog with the alter-ego AltHeatGuy. My usual outlet comes in the form of private journaling - something I picked up when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer some 4 years ago. It was a means to 'let it all out' without anyone else being the wiser.

Now I find myself in the precarious postition of being the mother of a 28 year old daughter who is 20 weeks pregnant AND newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The questions from well-meaning family and friends have inevitabley already begun and we appreciate the out-pouring of concern, but when you are immersed in the undertow of a cancer diagnosis you have neither the time nor the fortitude to repeat answers to repeated questioning. This, then, will be one way for me to give updates from my perspective.