Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sanctity of Life Sunday - The Baby's Choice

As is the case every January, we've seen a flurry of pro-life activities. The 41st Annual March for Life, in Washington D.C., was vibrant and attended by hundreds of thousands of pro-life faithful - despite frigid weather. The 10th Annual West Coast Walk for life, held under sunny skies, had an inspiring number in attendance as well. In addition, recent polls show the pro-life position to be in the majority among citizens of our country - ever ticking upward. Laws have been passed, clinics have closed, and more abortion mill employees have been converted. A definite impact is being made.

All in all, we're seeing a groundswell of motion toward a growing culture of life. Even as we continue to work in God's vineyard of Life, we are beginning to see more and more fruits. Yet we must remind ourselves that the time frame isn't ours - it belongs to God. Some of the effort may be ours - and we're charged with doing our utmost - but the victory will ultimately be His, too. A recent homily expressed our battle perfectly. As in the battle between Sampson and Goliath, the earthly effort may be ours, but the fight and ultimate victory belong to God. The most powerful weapons at our disposal are not of this world, but belong to the spiritual realm. God guides our battle plan and only when we allow Him to lead us, the enemy - death - be defeated. Just as a stone slayed the giant - our battle will be won through faith, not forces of this world.

As we rise up in defense of the babies, let's be inspired by the humanity they share with us. They are human individuals - carrying characteristics common to us all. The 'choice' seen by abortion supporters actually belong to the human child, hidden in the womb. She has her own two eyes, nose, mouth and beating heart - ten fingers and ten toes. She is a unique God-created person. Her God-given rights are the same as yours and mine. Were we to consult her, her choice would undoubtedly be LIFE!