Monday, April 18, 2011


What would be a more fitting topic than passions during this, the week of Our Lord's Passion? He died to give us LIFE. He died so that our sins would be forgiven. He did this without a care as far as appearances go. You could say that He was passionate about doing for us what no one else could or would do! For that we owe Him our lives, our gratitude and our every effort to emulate Him even though we are human and spiritually frail.

With this thought in mind, I recall my passions. No, not for chocolate or gardening or travel...passion for those things that stir my heart: my Catholic Faith, the Liturgy, the pro-life cause, spiritual well-being of family, breast cancer prevention and cure. These things stir my soul and I care not one iota how that makes me look! The passion I feel for these topics has a life of its own and I feel an irresistible pull to go 'all out' in securing what little I can accomplish to their good.

If you are a Facebook friend of mine (or in real life for that matter), you have already gotten a taste of these passions of mine. You may roll your eyes and mentally comment, 'here she goes again'. In your charity you probably don't dislike me for this but then again, the human side of you may sometimes wonder when I will lighten up - just a little. Well, the answer is, only after my dying breath will I let go of these topics that are like life itself to me. I am a convicted person and am fiercely loyal - whether to people or to causes. This is what makes me - well , ME. If it's too much to handle, take a break from viewing or listening but just know that I come at this with a sincere desire to be of bringer of good.

I'm a mom and wife (which makes me a woman) and as such I tend to repeat myself. As my son's Mother's Day card reiterated one year - I tend to say the same things again and again only in different ways. If you too are a mother and/or wife you will understand that his habit comes from many years of waiting for some semblance of comprehension on the part of husband and/or children. Rick often gets to hear the line, 'well, if you don't want me to be a nag, do it the first time' or 'if you don't want it repeated, respond the first time'. That's how it is with my postings as well. You never know who didn't hear you the first time. If you dangle the same message, in varying forms, often enough you will eventually garner a new audience or a new comprehension. This is how you treat a message that has importance. It simply cannot be taken lightly and you cannot afford the chance that it is missed.

For obvious reasons, my #1 passion is the Church. Without the Church we would be nothing and would have no potential. Why then would I not spread this vital message? Why would I not try, again and again, to garner other admirers of the Faith? Why would I not want this salvation for those I love - both family and friend? I research and ponder and study in my effort to do my best at spreading the Word. It is a precious Gift and intended for ALL.

Liturgy is a passion because I am pedantic by nature and as a lover of rules I find solace in knowing the how and why of a thing. If we are to give Christ's Church all that we have, should we not understand her? Should we not put thought and effort into every move, every word, every belief? If Tradition was good enough for the early Christians who are we to change it? If tradition (small 't') was good enough for our ancient Church, who are we to think we can improve upon it? I find comfort in knowing that every Mass in every church in every country in the world is the THAT's universal! How exciting to know that we are at that first Passion, at the foot of the cross, with Jesus Himself at every sacrifice of the Mass!

If the Church of Christ Himself is necessary for Life and without it Life doesn't matter, then how important is human LIFE to this earthly dwelling? Without Life no other issue matters. How can someone honestly say that we are not equally deserving of our lives - whether old or young, whether born or pre-born, whether healthy or ill? Life is the primary and completely necessary building block of existence. This gift from God Himself is not to be taken by anyone other than the One who initially bestowed it.

As one of a five generation breast cancer family, I am also keenly aware of the need for research and a cure of this deadly disease. That being said, however, I am not willing to have these advances created on the backs of dead babies by organizations that do not respect ALL life. As much as I want to live (and want Erika to live), I will not be a party to taking from one to give to another - especially when the taking is of a life! I'm passionate about life - both mine and those of ALL others! No matter how many pink ribbons and races there are for the cure, I just don't feed into the idea that harm can bring forth 'good'. If you have to kill in order to save me, then by all means just let nature take its course because I just couldn't 'live' with the idea!

Now that I've reiterated my passions, hopefully you will understand the who, how and why of my efforts. I mean no harm and have worked very hard to come off less brash and more kind. In any event I sincerely want to share the good news whether it is God's Word or a medical breakthrough. Won't you do me the kindness of pondering my words and considering taking up your own passions, unhampered by appearances? Together we can make a mighty difference!

In His Name for Life,
Birgit J

NOTE: Clarification and documentation of the breast cancer/abortion link:

Abortion causes breast cancer. 

Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest provider of abortion. 

Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms. 

Susan G. Komen Foundation's goal is to end breast cancer. 

Susan G. Komen donates big bucks ($4 MILLION from 2004-2010) to Planned Parenthood.

So why, really, is Komen giving money to Planned Parenthood?


Susan G Komen (of pink and Race for the Cure fame) gives grants of Millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, but PP doesn't do mammograms or provide any other lifesaving service for cancer prevention:

The birth control pill not only causes breast cancer, it is also an abortifacient:

Planned Parenthood is a strange bed fellow for the Girl Scouts and Komen:

Obama cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from women's health centers who do provide mammograms - something Planned Parenthood does not. Yet he continues to protect the millions that go to PP:

USCCB commentary on why it's not a difficult decision for the Catholic bishops to support the de-funding of Planned Parenthood: