Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Abortion Takes a Human Life - What More Needs to Be Said?

Sometimes the big picture is lost because we're too focused on details. An example of this becomes apparent when taking a long, hard look at the issue of abortion. The first step in clearly traversing our pro-life journey is a basic biological fact. The unborn are human. Even the pro-abortion side rarely argues against this biological fact these days. Furthermore, we know it’s correct to call such an unborn human a baby. It’s not a puppy or kitten or fledgling — she’s a baby because she’s not an adult — yet. She does, however, contain everything needed to become a fully developed adult someday. Mincing our words at how we describe these little ones (fetuses) only serves to offer yet another micro-debatable topic.

Lately, we've heard a lot of discussion about the unborn’s ability to feel pain. But is abortion only repugnant because the baby feels pain during the abortion procedure? Or is there a much simpler reason to feel revulsion at the act of killing what was, just moments ago alive? Any delving into minutia creates yet another point of contention, and thus a distraction from the big picture. A child was present in the womb. She had the God-given right to live but it was taken from her without any consideration of her opinion in the matter.

There has also been much talk about exceptions, when it comes to the pro-life issue. Some say that it’s okay to compromise, that babies born with defects, conceived by rape, or who endanger their mother’s health are somehow less worthy of being saved. They are expendable. Yet science proves she’s a baby - every time, . With that point being validly provable, no other circumstances can be validly argued to the contrary. Once there’s a life there, that life has God-given rights. It follows, then, that her humanity should be the prominent consideration. Anything else is weighing the worth of one life against another.

So, instead of getting lost in the details - gestational age, circumstances of conception, or physical characteristics - shouldn't we simply recognize the big picture? The humanity of the unborn, now irrefutably proven by science, is all the consideration we need to apply. The pro-life debate becomes simplified, in that the little details don’t serve as distracting detours or points of contention. If we stick to the fact that the baby is indeed a human being, there is no need to argue and nitpick; doing so only distracts and sidelines the point. Maybe we just need to stick to the biology of life. A baby — even in her mother’s womb — is a human being. The fact that she feels pain, was conceived in less than ideal circumstances, or may not be the perfect specimen has absolutely nothing to do with her right to life. Her right to life began when she began, at fertilization. And that right to life was given to her from God Himself. Period!