Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are You Smarter Than a 4-year-old?

Being a pro-life activist is both my passion and my vocation. As one of the lucky women, who is able to stay home, I can dedicate much of my time consumed by this pursuit. I also watch an assortment of my young grandchildren on a daily basis and so this part of my life pops up while they are here. Today, I was working on finding articles for the Gospel of Life Committee Facebook fan page - of which I am moderator. This is more demanding than one might think, since I must read the articles and watch the videos before determining which make the cut. I happened upon this video about RU-486 (the abortion pill) and my 4-year-old granddaughter, Sarah, walked up just as the photo of a 6-week fetus appeared.

"Look at the sweet little baby!", she chirped!

Yes, even a four-year-old can see the humanity in one so tiny! I smiled and then my heart began to hurt - for all of those who have lied to themselves (and to young, uninformed mothers) for so long, that they deny the obvious.

Out of the mouths of babes!

You and I have it within our power to make a difference. It starts at home. Pray for the babies - as a family. Teach your little ones the importance of life from the very beginning. Sarah and her little brother, Lukas, are spending ten days with me while their parents are out of town. Part of our litany of prayers, after we say the formal prayers, is this intention, "for all of the little babies in their mommy's tummies". It's so simple a child can understand the petition...and evidently it's had an impact!

Please also continue to inform yourself. One way would be to join a fan page such as the one belonging to the Gospel of Life Committee. I post all kinds of information and helpful tips of what YOU can do to stop the slaughter of the innocents. Won't you join me?

In His Name for Life,
Birgit J