Friday, January 3, 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas - The Ten Commandments

The 10th Day of Christmas 

Exodus 20:1
And God spoke all these words …

 If we see in ten lords a-leaping a reference to the Ten Commandments, we are struck by a rather awesome thought: the Ten Commandments were spoken to us by God through His prophet, Moses. Another even more awesome thing is that we can understand them!

A Being who invented the mysteries of quantum physics and the impenetrable enigma of every cell in our bodies; who fills time and space like water overflowing a bottle; needn't -- once you think about it -- have done either. But He did both. And because He did, we began to know him solely at his urging. In the giving of the Ten Commandments, his word was spoken through Moses. In the birth of Jesus at Christmas, his Word became Incarnate in the New Tabernacle, Mary. In the giving of the Holy Spirit, his word was written on our hearts. This is the truest use of that most abused term: Awesome!!

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Note: I am blessed to be receiving one of these reflections, from a deacon friend, each day. He tells me he doesn't know their source but makes simple edits as he deems necessary. Do you know the original source? Please share if you do.