Friday, January 3, 2014

Sanctity of Life Sunday - Resolving to Save the Unborn

The Christmas Season is in its last days. We've celebrated the birth of Jesus, the Holy Family, Mary Mother of God, and the Holy Name of Jesus. Today we move on to the Epiphany and then finally, next Sunday, the Baptism of the Lord. All of these feasts evoke an image of new life, a welcoming family, and unconditional love.

In a world sometimes deplete of empathy for those who make others feel burdened or uncomfortable we need to remind ourselves of the intrinsic value of Life - all Life! God, alone, is the author of Life. He, we are told, called us by our name before we were even born. Let's take His welcoming and unconditional love as an example of how we need to love. With the newborn year, let's resolve to do more - all we can - to save more unborn babies. Let's give them, and their parents, a welcoming world filled with unconditional love!

Let's resolve to same MORE unborn babies this year!