Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lenten Roundup for You and Your Family

With Lent only a couple of weeks away, there has been a flurry of activity on Catholic blogs and Facebook. As good Catholics we know that this penitential season, leading up to Easter joy, is long - especially for children. Our goal is to lovingly teach them the benefits of holy patience, self denial, and giving.

My goal here is to compile a list of various activities, meals, and devotions to assist families in making their Lenten experience a positive one for all members. I've also included some thoughts about social media.

I'd like to invite you to share your ideas here. As you comment on this blog, I'll add your ideas, posts, and links below.

Let's Get Started With Lenten Inspiration

For starters, you can read about Why I'm Not Leaving Facebook for Lent. As an electronic evangelization tool, there are few more powerful ways to share your faith!

Lenten Devotional Crafts

Stations of the Cross Craft - There are several different ways you can use this craft, once it's completed. It could even be taken to church as a devotional tool for littles.
Easter Egg Rosary - This simple, inexpensive and effective craft combines reciting a nightly decade of the Rosary with some good actions and creativity thrown in for good measure.

My Lenten Journey - Here I used various links to coloring pages, Stations of the Cross carousels, and other ideas to create a Lenten Journey Book for Kids.

Lenten Friday Meals

Garlic Alfredo Shrimp - An easy, creamy Alfredo sauce creates a tasty addition to seafood and broccoli. Bonus - this dish is also low carb!

Hearty Crock Pot Potato Soup - This crock pot recipe can be prepared ahead of time, yet accommodates busy families with varied schedules and eating times. Comfort food at its finest!

Quick 3 Ingredient Pasta Meal -'s Friday and the troops are hungry, but I've simply been too busy to worry about cooking...that is until the rumbling bellies begin to sound! Here's a quick solution, using only three ingredients.

Tantalizingly Tasty Tuna Salad - an easy, rich tuna salad that lends itself well to sandwiches or scooped onto a bed of lettuce. Packed full of veggies and other good things, this is kid friendly and healthy. It's also low carb, if served without bread.

Meatless Pierogies Stroganoff -  This recipe can be served over pasta, potatoes, or rice as well. Another tasty comfort food recipe sure to be a family favorite!

It Couldn't Be Easier Potato Soup - Starts with a can of Nacho Cheese Soup and tastes delish. So quick and easy, they'll come back for more.

Okay! Here Are Lenten Posts From Others

What are you waiting for? Share your links with me in the ComBox and I'll add them here!

Emily from Our Home...Under Mary's Mantle is certainly not lacking ideas on how to fully immerse your family in Lenten devotions. Click over to For The Love of Lent…  for some great inspiration!

Tracy from A Slice of Smith Life shares a ton of ideas in her post, Christmas is Over, Feast Days and Lots of Lent Posts! Take a look and be inspired!

Chris from Campfires and Cleats has a mega post, 
7 DIY Lenten Crafts & Books ~ Wreaths, Crown of Thorns, Mercy Crosses, Crucifixion Art, Books, just chock full of ideas. You won't leave her blog without some great ideas!

If you're looking for something that's all neatly planned out and ready to use, you have to check out Monica's Family Rosary for Lent this year? New Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit! over on Equipping Catholic Families.

Are you looking to begin the good habit of saying a family Rosary? Then Jennifer's Lacing Rosary Set - Get a Good Habit Started! will offer you a great project. Check out Catholic Inspired for other, equally great ideas. Jennifer posts often.