Thursday, February 23, 2012

Settling In

Yesterday I outlined my Rehab PROMISES  for my Lenten Journey and how I'm attacking Lent with enthusiasm this year. Today finds me trying to get acclimated as I pull back from the electronics that have actually become an addiction for me. Yes, you might observe, I am posting this blog entry on a computer but that isn't the type of use I am focused on. Blogging will continue and may even become more fruitful, once I get over withdrawal from my true sources of addiction.

Much like dieting is so very difficult because one must still eat for nourishment - my addictions are a necessary part of my life as well. With food you can't simply go 'cold turkey' like you would from, say, cigarettes; drugs; or liquor. In the same way, I am tied to Facebook and Pinterest because I have committed to living the Holy Father's challenge of using electronic media for proclaiming the Gospel.

Facebook - not only have I made many great, Catholic friends during the past years but I have also committed to sharing what I learn from them. These friends of mine are a valuable source for many great articles and posts - I'd never have time to find them on my own. In return, I moderate two pro-life Facebook fan pages and distribute the information I find. I also help out on a couple other pages.

  • Right to Life of Owensboro, my first fan page creation, now boasts 1,431 fans - not bad for a group in a town of 56,000 or so people! This is a non-denominational group and I also serve on their board of directors. 
  • Gospel of Life Committee - Diocese of Owensboro is my new baby. I am proud to be a member of this Committee that serves our entire diocese. With only 181 fans, to date, I'm working hard to grow this little haven of unabashedly Catholic/Pro-life content. You don't have to be a Kentuckian (or Catholic) to join (hint, hint); we welcome anyone who appreciates what the Church is doing for the cause of life.
  • Catholic Bloggers Network - 'In acknowledgment of the Vatican's strong interest to embrace social media for evangelization, this Catholic Bloggers Network was created to enhance communication of Catholic social media users. Here Catholic bloggers can connect and share efforts to bring the Catholic faith into the social media discourse. By creating this webpage directory of Catholic bloggers and connecting the online portals they use, our Catholic community grows larger. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!' ~ Catholic Bloggers Network

    REMINDER: "Cutting out prayer time with God because you want to blog about Catholicism is like saving time on a long roadtrip by not stopping for gas: it may seem smart in the moment, but it won't end well." ~ words of wisdom from the creators of Catholic Bloggers Network

Pinterest - now don't laugh. This is actually a very good medium for the distribution of information. I am a contributing 'pinner' for several Catholic groups and you'd be surprised at how many blog posts receive increased traffic due to a 'pin'. I also work in a faith formation type of pursuit for ideas ranging from homeschooling to Church Seasons.

As you might imagine, though, since I do work within these addictive circles for my daily evangelization efforts, it's very tempting to stray - until my strained eyes tear up and I get that Zombie look of addiction. So my goal is to do virtuous posting and pinning while leaving the other 'stuff' behind for a will always be there after Easter!

Yesterday evening was much more difficult than I would have imagined. This shows me that it was high time to address these addictions. My trusty iPhone makes it way too easy to constantly check things out - Facebook, text messages, email, Pinterest, television schedule, Netflix...these are my sins, laid bare for me to face, head on. With my small meal quickly consumed, I focused on some of my 'positive' activities for the day and called it an early night...and fell asleep feeling good about my choices.

Wishing you all a glorious, grace-filled Lent!