Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pro-life Graphics - Crankin' 'em out!

Well it's been a few days since I revamped by Designs by Birgit website and started working on my pro-life graphics in earnest. I have to say that I am totally enjoying the fact that the creative juices are once again flowing. Of course, I've had some premo photos of gorgeous babies to work with! Here, I will show you just a little sample of what I do. Some of these photos are so well done that all I have to do is add a bit of text. Others, however, take a bit of imagination to turn into something satisfactory for my purposes.

As always, I am hoping that some of you will send me your baby photos, quote suggestions, and ideas. It's always fun to make something a group effort by collaborating with others. Also, be sure to check out my Facebook page: Designs by Birgit - Nana's Kiddies. That is where all of my pro-life graphics debut! I'd love it if you would join my page and give me some comment love <3
This is the finished graphic

This is the original photo

This is the original photo 
The finished graphic with a bit of zip

As always, I encourage you to share the completed graphics on Facebook or anywhere you think that they might help enhance the pro-life credit. I do ask that you not use the originals and to give credit where credit is due. Here's the link to my website and all of my graphics.

In His Name for Life,   Birgit J