Friday, July 27, 2012

Pro-Life Graphics - FREE from Designs by Birgit

I have been toying with the idea of providing a source of free Pro-Life images for quite some time. This project is the perfect marriage between my passion for the Pro-Life movement and my artistic side. Some months back I announced that I would be trending more into that direction but found myself sidetracked by life. Like many creative people, I tend to work in waves, as inspiration dictates. Sometimes inspiration is illusive. The wonderful ladies who contribute to the Catholic Sistas blog, however, gave me that extra little push toward creativity. You see, these women have the most beautiful babies! It's a phenomenon that is totally mysterious - after all we are all from very diverse geographical locations. Yet, the photos posted by these gals are a constant source of heartwarming smiles. After asking permission to use a couple of really special photos, I became more bold and have a standing request for photos. If you'd like to see your precious baby featured in one of my graphics, please comment on this post or send an email my way at

With over a dozen new Pro-Life graphics, I became emboldened to rework my Designs by Birgit website as well. It's still a work in progress but I'm willing to share what I've done so far. So if you are so inclined please pay my free Pro-life graphics page a visit and feel free to share my creations.

I have also revamped my Facebook page and added the name, Designs by Birgit, to the existing Nana's Kiddies fan page. You can also find my Pro-Life graphics there - FREE to share.

I hope you enjoy my efforts and find yourself inspired to provide me with more wonderful material. Both photos and quotes are very much appreciated!

                     In His Name for Life,   Birgit J
FREE Pro-Life graphics page 1
FREE Pro-Life graphics page 2