Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new facet: Pro-life Designs by Birgit

Erika's pro-life ribbon
I am pro-life to the core. I am also subject to being hit over the head by the 2 x 4 of inspiration from time to time. When this happens I become a adrenaline goes through the roof, I become short of breath and I simply cannot prevent my shaking fingers from attempting to type as fast as my muddled brain is going.

Well, today was one of those times...

January 2012 is the anniversary month of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision and the accompanying Doe vs. Bolton the combination of which served to legalize abortion through the entire nine months of pregnancy. Appropriately, then, this month will herald a turning point in my personal blogging direction. While I will continue to blog about all things creative, I will be adding a new element to the mix. This January will give birth to...

Pro-life Designs by Birgit 

As those who know me realize, there is not an electronic medium that I do not love...I use them all! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, BlogSpot, WordPress, and yes, a website with my own domain - . I am also on the creative side and love photography - specifically photographing babies and children of all ages.

So I will jump right in and divide my time between regular 'Designs' posting and posts dedicated to the movement that has been my passion for 39 years. Some entries will be a prayer or brief snippets of information (think a pro-life Readers Digest) while others may encompass a more thorough delving into topics concerning life. I hope to feature guest posters at times and will attempt to offer tangible ways that anyone can help this movement that gives voice to the most disrespected segment of society - unborn babies.

To understand more fully what motivates my life-long dedication to the pro-life movement, I will direct you to a post that I wrote on the Catholic Sistas blog entitiled, 'When "I'm pro-life, except" really happens...'

In the mean time, I ask your prayers for this vision may be much larger than my ability. It is vitally important and most likely beyond my poor attempts. What our country - no, our world - needs is many small voices to unite and to build a formidable army to defend what our Church acknowledges to be a priority - an intrinsic evil that has no match. With St. Therese' and her 'little way' as our guide we will forge ahead with confidence.

Join me?

In His Name for Life,
Birgit J