Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't PINK - help a victim!

October is a tough month for me! As a 6 year breast cancer survivor I am so saddened and frustrated by all of the well-intentioned people who are being used by organizations like Susan G Komen with all of their walk/run for the cure events.

FACT: Komen donates BIG $$ to Planned Parenthood, the nation's #1 abortion provider.

FACT: abortion increases your chance of breast cancer.

FACT: Planned Parenthood provides 0% of mammograms in this country.

FACT: Komen sues other cancer charities who try to use the word 'cure' and the color 'pink'.

Do this cancer survivor a favor - DON'T walk/run for the 'cure'...don't buy PINK. Donate to a real cancer patient and then you'll know your money is actually doing some good - instead of paying sky high salaries and funding abortion clinics!

Just think for a minute: pink blenders, pink yogurt, pink ribbons, pink shirts, pink pots, pink phones, pink EVERYTHING and what good does it do????? We are all AWARE of breast cancer. We all know that breasts fit into bras. We all know some people call them boobies - but really, just how helpful is that to ANYONE? It's really just designed to make people feel good and think that they are somehow involved in a SOLUTION.

Well, let me tell you - it's all smoke and mirrors. All of those big bucks don't affect the actual patients/victims. So if you want to feel good AND do good, go volunteer to drive a patient to chemo, clean their house, organize some meals for their family, watch their kids, pray for them, send them cards, or just give them a bit of cash for their medical expenses. You may not have a pink shirt to show for it but at least you will have really done something tangible.

Sermon over - God bless!
Birgit J

My daughter, breast cancer and pregnant - a survivor, not a victim:

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