Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick n Easy Palm Sunday Prep

Pinterest has become almost as much of a problem for many of us addictive souls as Facebook! In an effort to justify the time one spends there (on Pinterest) it is therefore necessary to 'prove' how helpful the site can be. Below you will find a photo of what the kids and I did in preparation of Palm Sunday and links to the wonderful blogs who supplied those ideas!


Simon just turned four
Rachel is two

A word of warning, however. Working with a four year old and poster paints does not strain one's patience nearly as much as working with a two year old - just sayin'. We did have a good time and the outcome was great! What a wonderful, hands-on way to teach little ones about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem!


Catholic Icing gives a step by step tutorial, as well as many cute examples, of the foot print donkey.
Impress Your Kids posted the hand cutout palm craft that made such a cute accompaniment to our donkeys.

NOTE to bloggers out there...this post also proves that posting your blog posts on Pinterest can drive traffic your way! See! Another 'proof' of the usefulness of Pinterest!. Ha, ha...happy Palm Sunday to you and yours!