Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A link you'll want to follow...

Greetings Friends!

If you have enjoyed my postings and ramblings but would like to read similar stories from a hand-picked bouquet of 40+ lovely ladies - available EVERY day, here's a tip: go check out Catholic Sistas - you won't be sorry!

I, myself, am a guest blogger there and posted a breast cancer survivor entry just yesterday about 'PINK betrayal', filled with breast cancer links and my own story of betrayal by the likes of Susan G Komen.

Last week I posted my own sensitive pro-life journey from my early years. This was the first time that I have publicly told this story. It's something that has only been whispered about until now. This piece is entitled When ''I'm Pro-life Except'' really happens.

Today's post was written by my daughter, Erika, who experienced breast cancer while pregnant. Her poignant story will remind people that you can have breast cancer while pregnant but both baby and mother can live!

Catholic Sistas certainly doesn't exclusively consist of posts about abortion and breast cancer - that's the theme for October because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Respect Life Month. The diversity in our writers makes a long list of topics readily available - all written from the perspective of Godly women who love their families, their faith, and all that encompasses daily living. We also offer the opportunity to have our posts delivered to your inbox - each day - so that you'll never have to miss another post. Won't you come check us out?

God Bless,

Birgit J