Friday, April 15, 2016

Don't Take Easy Street #fmf

Sometimes, in life, we think that taking the easy way out is the right way to go. We wander in and out of what is pleasing to the ‘animal’ side of our moral lives. Food, comfort, pleasure, and entertainment are at the forefront of these feelings. Yet does it make us happy?

The honest answer is most likely, no. If we really ponder true happiness, joy, we will see that these things leave us empty. They are fleeting pleasures, and a side path taken, away from the true purpose of our lives.

When we come to our senses we realize that there is more to life than taking the easy path. As Jesus tells us, the path to salvation is narrow. It is not the easy route. When we being to think of the Eternal, we find that easy is not fulfilling. With the aid of prayer, the sacraments, and loving like Jesus loves we begin to see that easy can easily slide us toward hell.

Eternal Life is our aim. This world is just a fleeting moment, a blink of the eye, as far as Eternal Life is concerned. It’s alright to enjoy the moment, the here and now, as long as it doesn’t distract us from the true purpose for our existence – to live in joy with Jesus for all Eternity.

What makes you truly happy? Share!


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