Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sanctity of LIFE Sunday - #4

Cancer and pregnancy - you don't often see them in the same sentence - but it does happen. One brave lady dealt with it in a unique way...
This coming Thursday, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. As pro-life advocates, we recognize our need to be thankful to God our Creator for our lives. We also keep in mind all of the mothers who, even during difficult circumstances, chose to give the gift of life to their children. One such mother is our daughter, Erika, who was diagnosed with BRCA-1 breast cancer at 20 weeks pregnant. She was only 28 years old, and the youngest diagnosis in an unbroken maternal line. Local doctors gave no acceptable options, but MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX guided her through chemotherapy during pregnancy.

As is her character, Erika made the best of what was happening and painted her belly to resemble a turkey. Her healthy (Butterball) daughter, Rachel, was born on Thanksgiving Day - her daddy's birthday. We have much for which to be thankful, but this is an especially dear topic of gratitude. You may read more of this amazing journey here: Bald, Pregnant and Living

Rachel will be turning 4 this year and Erika is cancer free!

As always, feel free to share any of my pro-life posters. Many of them can be found on the Designs by Birgit fan page on Facebook.
In His Name for Life,
Birgit J