Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6 of the 7 Day Blogging Challenge - Random

Following the example of my friend over on Journal of a Nobody,  I took up the challenge of blogging for 7 days straight. The idea originated on Conversion Diary.  I was really picking up steam and enjoying myself but today I hit a wall. Life caught up and I'm too pooped to do much pontificating. Soooo...I'll just share a few tidbits with you today - in the style of 7 Quick Takes - except today is Saturday instead of Friday.

- 1 -

Our baby boy is turning 25 today. That's right, this Dennis the Menace last child of ours has turned the corner into adulthood and has grown into quite the man. He's found a career, is continuing his education and is dating a wonderful girl. The level of responsibility this free spirit has developed is what makes a Momma's dreams worth while. Hang in there mommies of precocious offspring, there's hope!

- 2 -

My daughter and I got a haircut today. It's been way too long and we had definitely let ourselves go. Memo to self: it's OK to live life as a plain Jane, no frills kind of gal - just don't overdo it. We both feel that lift that you get when there's been something wrong with the picture but you didn't quite know what - and then you fix what ails you and you're treated to an aha moment. I feel good!

- 3 -

We're meeting our son's girl friend's parents for the first time tomorrow. Since it's his birthday, we are planning one of our signature get-togethers. Lots of kids and adults, lots of food, lots of gemutlichkeit! The weather looks like it will be awesome - especially for late July in Kentucky - and most of the grunt, pre-work is finished. I'm settled in with a glass of Moscato and feeling fine.

- 4 -

Speaking of Moscato, I was sad to be informed that my favorite brand of wine - Barefoot - sponsored a gay pride event. This means that the wine that I have relished for the past few years is on my boycott list. I'm still searching for a suitable substitute and so far have tried Sutter Home and Yellow Tail. Neither one compares to my fav so the search continues. In the meantime, my Margaretaville machine has been putting out some pretty awesome strawberry daiquiris. Prosit! The kids are also loving the shaved ice treats it's been cranking out.

- 5 -

I don't care for Bill O'Reilly and his pseudo Catholicism and sensationalism but when Laura Ingram subs for him I'm cheered by her sincerity. I also relish the fact that she wears her four-way medal every single time she appears in public. Since she's a convert I find this endearing.

- 6 -

Whenever hubby and I have an empty nest evening - and it's Friday (thus no meat) - I like the way we can just comfortably have a very low key evening. No demands - even for dinner - sometimes it's just wine (for me), beer (for him), and a bit of fruit and cheese.

- 7 -

I'm really excited by how many people seem to be enjoying both my blog posts and pro-life memes. There's been quite the uptick in numbers lately, in part thanks to several posts being picked up by Big Pulpit and National Catholic Register. Since the purpose of both is spreading Catholicism and pro-life philosophy, it's gratifying to see results and to hope that I'm helping to change hearts in my own small way.


Day 6 post is in response to Jennifer Fulwiler's 7 Posts in 7 Days: An epic blogging challenge .