Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All Babies are Royalty in the Eyes of God

With baited breath, the world (well except me) awaited the birth of the Royal child of William and Kate. I have never really understood the American fascination with Royalty watching - especially given that we, in the 'new country', escaped the tyranny of a Monarchical nation. Princess Diana didn't leave me all aflutter either. It's not that I don't admire some others from afar. It's just that I tend to base my admiration on something that someone has done - not who they are. Give me an uncrowned wife and mother of 10 who still manages to help out the neighbors and volunteer at the church bazaar. Or perhaps the elderly priest who rises early every morning - despite the fact that he has long since retired - to say Mass for a handful of parishioners in a little country church.

How fortunate we are, that God doesn't count our silver spoons and accidents of birth. He cares for all of us with an unconditional love. It would do us good to seek out those who do not garner recognition from the world - those who society has thrown away. When I think of these, the least of all, my mind invariably wanders straight to the unborn. Babies are conceived every day without the slightest say in the matter. They have no choice and simply are, because of the actions of others. As such they are often maligned in today's society - as if they are something extra, unnecessary and inconvenient. Thank God, that they are loved unconditionally by a merciful God Who makes the final call!