Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple Easter Bunny Wreath

I saw a lovely Easter Peep wreath on Pinterest and wanted to make it with the kiddos. When I checked out the instructions, however, I was disappointed to note that the project required an embroidery hoop and hot glue. It really didn't seem like the kids (2, 4, and 6) would appreciate having Peep bunnies to work with and then 'ruin' them by rendering them inedible, so.....

My take on an edible Peep bunny wreath - created last minute! (3 children obviously means three wreaths ;-) )

First, gather your materials:

3 - packages of Peep bunnies (I chose 3 colors)
3 - 10" paper plates
1 - small bowl of pancake syrup

Then begin:

Separate the Peep bunnies...the kids can do this while the adult...

cuts the rim off the paper plate and
writes an Easter message in the center.


Now for the fun and messy part:

Dip finger into syrup and apply a thick layer of syrup around the edge of the paper plate...this is your 'glue'.

Watch their expression when you actually tell them to lick their finger clean!

This is the educational part:

Place Peep bunnies on syrup in a color pattern.
Using the materials that I have laid out, you will have exactly enough Peep bunnies to make three complete wreaths.

When you have placed all of your Peep bunnies, place a heavy book on top of the wreath and allow to dry/adhere.

NOTE: Since many children abstain from candy for Lent, they can now simply place their wreaths into a gallon zipper bag...all three fit nicely into one. Won't they be pleased to have this ready-to-eat treat on Easter?!

(Sorry to be so late in posting this, we made this days ago but a stomach flu on my part prevented posting.)