Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare 101 - the Roe vs. Wade Moment of this generation

It's easy to get confused about Obamacare and the HHS mandate and what exactly they mean to you and me. This is my attempt to clarify the timeline that got us here - the Roe vs. Wade Moment of this generation:
  • Our country was founded on Freedom and we've been given the right to freedom from the beginning. It is a freedom granted by God (our creator) not by the government - thus states the Constitution.
  • Exercise of religion - not just within the walls of our churches, but in our daily lives - is guaranteed.
  • Thirty-nine years ago a flawed piece of legislation created a false right to privacy that allows murder in the womb - for all nine months of gestation - thus Roe vs. Wade was 'born'.
  • Two years ago another flawed piece of legislation was rammed down the throats of Americans under the guise of helping all Americans have access to healthcare - Obamacare.
  • This piece of legislation was passed without anyone knowing what was contained in it. We were told that we had to pass it, in order to find out what was in it!
  • Insidious additions have been made to Obamacare - specifically the HHS Mandate - by the stroke of our president's pen. This is tyranny!
  • The HHS Mandate forces ALL employers - specifically Catholics - to provide abortifacients,  contraception, and sterilization to their employees (through insurance plans). There are VERY narrow exceptions but there has been NO COMPROMISE.
  • The 'exemption' only covers those entities who serve exclusively Catholics and who employ exclusively Catholics. Since the Catholic Church lives the mission of serving ALL people and hires non-Catholics, all of her hospitals, schools, and charities do not qualify.
  • The so-called 'compromise' simply places the burden of providing these 'services' onto the the shoulders of the insurance company rather than directly on the employer - this is simply an accounting trick because the outcome is the same...Catholic entities, forced to pay for something that they find morally reprehensible.
  • Other faiths are exempt - the Amish for example.
  • Abortion will also be covered - by some insurance companies - in the 'pool'. Yet the consumer will not know if a specific policy includes this coverage because they will not be told until AFTER they have signed up! Once you are signed up for your policy, you will not have the right to change companies.
  • Refusing to have a health insurance policy will make the citizen subject to heavy fines. There is simply no way out!
  • This immoral piece of legislation tramples our freedom of religion and our right to live our daily lives according to our consciences.
  • The Catholic Church is not trying to outlaw contraceptives or sterilization or to force others to live according to 'her rules'. We simply want the freedom to refrain from paying for what we know to be immoral acts.
This week, the Supreme Court has been hearing arguments concerning the constitutionality of Obamacare. We must fervently pray that the Justices come to the morally right decision and send this illegal affront on religious freedom packing.This is the defining moment for the current generation - may they be more successful than the one who allowed Roe vs. Wade to become the law of the land!