Friday, January 13, 2012

Pro-life all day, every day!

LIFE, one thing is certain - the unexpected will happen! So it goes today. A mere two days into my pro-life blogging venture and I've been hit blessed with a houseful of kids. In addition to 3 year old, Simon, and his 2 year old sister, Rachel, I am keeping company with Evan and Corbin (7 & 5). It's a 'snow day' and as anyone in W Kentucky knows, the KY school system just does not do well with snow. Even the hint of snow will send officials scrambling to cancel school. What a quandry it must have been when they were confronted with the HUGE dusting we got yesterday - why it almost covered a good third of the surface of my deck! 

So instead of writing a deep tome or impressing you with carefully categorized pro-life photos, I will simply give you an inspirational quote and an accompanying picture (thanks Tina M!). My promise, however, is to keep slogging along and to fill my blog with useful tidbits - I might even return later and add to today's post. In the mean time remember: it is our duty to be pro-life...

                      all day, 
                          every day!

That is how we 'roll'. Because every little thing that we do, think or pray for those little ones will add up...and St. Therese is there to be our example (with her little way). So be the voice of the voiceless, today and every day - even if it's just in your prayers!

In His Name for Life!
Birgit J

Pro-LIFE Quote of the Day:
"I read a newspaper editorial arguing that abortion is just another surgery, no different from a root canal or appendectomy. But why don't people remember the anniversary of their appendectomy twenty years later? Why don't they find themselves weeping uncontrollably, grieving the loss of their appendix? And where are all the support groups and counseling for those who've had root canals?

~ Randy Alcom