Wednesday, January 12, 2011


OK, so I cheated...this photo is from last year but I did take it. Today's snow just isn't as pretty as that one was and besides, I didn't want to go out in the cold! This is my effort at becoming a bit more comfortable with blogging in general. I've kept journals in the past (like during chemotherapy for breast cancer) but these musings have always been a private way for me to vent.

Now I'm going to work on being more open and sharing what I am thinking. Know, though, that no one wants to know what I'm thinking all of the time because I can become quite passionate about the things that matter to me the most: my Catholic Faith, abortion, family, and interaction in my family circle. I would also like to resolve not to waste the gifts God has given me. My artistic side (BA in Art from Brescia University), my ability to communicate (English became a passion when, as a child, I spoke only German), and my organizational, analytical mind (which I try to use only for good).

Because I didn't start this effort early enough I may need to dig into the recent past for the things I share (like Christmas projects for the kids) but as it becomes second nature to communicate in this way, I hope to be more timely in my posts. God bless!