Friday, December 15, 2017

The Advent Season, For Us and For Others

Everything about the First Sunday of Advent urged us to be ready. We heard about those who were wise and prepared and those who were foolish and did not. Staying awake, not in the literal sense of losing sleep but in preparedness, is the order of the Advent Season.

We are reminded to look at the many ways we diligently prepare in our earthly lives. Only a fool would fail to prepare for a hurricane by attentively watching the weather and battening down the hatches. It would be a poor host who was ill prepared when anticipating holiday guests. If, like my own community, there is a contaminated water boil advisory. Do we not boil even the water for washing dishes?

Yet, as detrimental to our well being it would be for us to scoff at weather, important events, or cautionary community announcements how much more important is preparation for the King of Kings?

Seasons like Advent and Lent bring the urgency of preparation even closer to the forefront. After all, the worst disaster imaginable is the loss of Eternal life in Heaven. The ultimate expected Guest is Jesus and the most harmful contamination is the stain of sin on our souls.

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