Sunday, December 24, 2017

6 Things About Christmas You Might Not Know

At my age of ‘slightly 60’ you’d think I’d know a thing or two about the Season. After all, I've faithfully celebrated Christmas my entire life. Yet a couple of these revelations surprised me. They might just surprise you too!

Why We Hang Stockings

Why do we hang stockings at Christmas? Watch this brief, informative video so find out about the true story of the REAL Santa Claus.

The Christmas Tree

We’ve often heard that the Christmas Tree has pagan origins. What is it with people accusing the Catholic Church of either being pagan or usurping pagan holidays and symbols? Here is another take on the subject that has a much more saintly tone.

Biological and Chronological Reason to Believe Jesus Was Born in December

We’ve all heard the naysayers, “No one knows when Jesus was truly born. People just had to pick a date and so they transferred His birth to a pagan holiday”. Well, there might just be a few pieces of proof, found both in scripture and the calendar.

For another take, check out this helpful information.

The Significance of Swaddling Clothes

Do you know the significance of Jesus being swaddled at birth? Watch this brief video! Jesus truly is the Lamb of God!

Jesus' Birth in Bethlehem Prefigures the Eucharist

What's amazing is that from the first instant of the Incarnation (God made Man) we were given a discourse on the Eucharist. There have always been subtle ways that point to Christ's role in our Salvation.

Bethel - Means the House of God.
Bethelehem - Means House of Bread.
LaMange (the manger) - Means t o consume.

The Season of Christmas BEGINs on Christmas

Contrary to popular sentiment on the Hallmark Channel or children’s stories, Christmas is a Season. The days leading up to this Season is the Season of Advent (now celebrated for four weeks in most churches). Christmas Eve ends Advent and Christmas Day heralds the Season of Christmas. Check out the neatly laid out basics by National Catholic Register.

So, there we have it, some things you may or may not have known about Christmas. How many were already familiar to you? Let us know in the comments. Three of these were news to me!

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