Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are We Fertile Ground?

Today's first reading from 1JER 14:17-22 is appropriate as we digest the day's current events.

Let my eyes stream with tears
day and night, without rest,
Over the great destruction which overwhelms
the virgin daughter of my people,
over her incurable wound.
If I walk out into the field,
look! those slain by the sword;
If I enter the city,
look! those consumed by hunger.
Even the prophet and the priest
forage in a land they know not.

Just a passing glimpse at the news of any given day garners a fear, deep in the recesses of our minds. For example, one of the first headlines that met my sleepy eyes this morning stated, ‘Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass In France. What are we to make of a world where such headlines are more and more common? A world where the powerful and immoral forces rule while the faithful are downtrodden or forgotten or worse? 

The answer lies not in our own actions. It does not lie with the promise of a political candidate or the rising up of any human effort. The solution to the 'terror of the night' lies in hearing and heeding the Word of God. It starts with the conversion of one - yourself.

Hearing the Word of God involves more than just the function of the sense of our ears. It means petitioning, 'come Holy Spirit, come' and then waiting and listening. In the silence, our solution will come. It may not be what we expect or even what we think we want, but it will be the voice of our Creator. He will guide us.

Pray always and listen carefully. His answer will come in the whisper of a breeze. Will we be ready when the Bridegroom approaches or will we have left our Eternal preparation up until the last minute?

If we set out purposefully to morally address this life, we will be well on our journey to Eternal Life. That is the only way to find true comfort and solace. Our comfort and joy will come from walking the right path and being the good seeds sown by God - being fertile ground that reflects the goodness of Our Lord.

How fortunate we are, to have an Almighty and Gracious God! Today's Responsorial Psalm speaks our cry of hope and knowledge of the infinite power of our Savior. He, alone, can rescue us. He, alone, can condemn us.

PS 79:8, 9, 11 AND 13R. (9) For the glory of your name, O Lord, deliver us.
Our choices, however, are up to us. God has given us Free Will. How we discern His Will amidst the turmoil we face will reveal the strength of our faith and the obedience we practice. We can be the good seed, sown by God, or the bad seed sown by Satan. And as the last line of the Gospel according to Matthew sums up the readings today, " Whoever has ears ought to hear.” MT 13

When we hear His message are we listening?