Friday, July 15, 2016

Create a Clean Heart in Me, O Lord

Every day – that’s how often we are given a chance to create ourselves anew. Truthfully, there is little chance of accomplishing this on our own. Yes, we have been gifted with Free Will, but the grace to accomplish the impossible comes from God alone. As always, the creature needs the Creator to do anything of worth. After all, He gave us everything we have.

What He gave us is every tool we need to become saints. We have our bodies – temples of the Holy Spirit. Our minds help us to think and reason and discern right from wrong. His Word is there, too, for our use as a tool to know exactly what he wants.

The living tool of His Word gives us what we need at any given moment – all we have to do is ask and listen. How many times have we read or heard the same scripture passage but on some given day, the meaning becomes clearly relevant to exactly what we need in that moment?

Create a clean heart in me, O Lord, so that I can live as You wish me to live. Create me anew so that I can live with You in Eternity. Create a clean heart in me, so that I can love my enemies and display your love through my actions. Help me become a new soul, clean as the purest spring water and white as the driven snow. Create me, Creator, I owe all I have to You!



Here we are again, joining Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday #fmf - a fun way to participate in timed free writing with other bloggers.

Today's #fmf prompt is 'create'. Follow the link to check out some truly inspirational entries.

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