Friday, May 6, 2016

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

No, I’m not being facetious, I’m simply putting recent thoughts into words. Lately I’ve thought a lot about the ‘last times’. Not the biblical last times or end days, but the things that we take for granted and aren’t prepared to miss.

When will be the last time your baby boy of 12 asks you to play Rummy or bake brownies? As much as it’s been a habit for all these years, there will come a time when he doesn’t ask anymore. When will be the last time? Did you miss it?

When will be the last time you have a shopping date with your mom? Lunch and shopping ‘til you drop with her kids and your kids was the norm for so long. But one day, it will be the last time. She’ll find out she has cancer and things will never go back to normal. You will miss it.

When will be last time you celebrate holidays in your house? The family has always come over – Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. It’s an established event. Then, one day, you’ll find yourself moving and will miss those times. When they were happening you didn’t even realize they were the last time.

Our life, here on earth, is just for a time. Don’t miss out of the wonders, the love, the joy – even the tempering pain. One of these days will be the last time. Cherish, nourish, breathe it in. Love and be loved.

And when the last time comes, know that there will be a next thing. Maybe a new house, maybe a new friend, maybe grandchildren brought to you to hold by your children who still cherish you, their mother.

And in the end, we must not miss our opportunity to live life to its spiritual fullest. Because we don’t want to miss the roll call when final judgment comes. The new life we live with God will find that we don’t miss this life after all!

(Time Up)

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all - whether you're a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or just any kind of nurturer!


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