Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Diverse Look at Mother's Day

May is here and we are once again reminded to honor those nurturers who have come before us. Mother's Day and Mary's Month are reminders of loving care and the 'yes' that changed the world. This month also bears sadness for many. Some have lost their mother, others mourn the mother they wish they had, and others grieve for children who either weren't born or were lost to this world too soon.

In the spirit of encompassing as many loving individuals into a warm hug as possible, I've listed four of my past posts. Their diversity is my attempt to make something good out of all circumstances - the knowledge that we are all fashioned for love. The one thing we all have in common is as brothers and sisters of a God whose love is unconditional.

Happy Mother's Day, I miss you!

Mother's Day is a time of great joy for many. It is a time for mothers to cherish motherhood and for children to remember their mothers. It is a time when fathers honor the mother of their children and when we all honor our grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and woman friends. It is also a time of sadness for those of us who have lost their mothers.

The anniversary of my mother's death was just memorialized on May 4th - 18 (now 22) years of being without my mother and best friend. This Mother's Day, I thought it only fitting to write a letter to Mom and tell her what I think of when I reflect on her life [read more]

Blessed Mother's Day to All Who Mother!

Here it is again - the day set aside each year to honor mothers. But who is a mother? Is she someone who has a brood of children at her feet? Is she the woman who can't conceive but desperately wants to nurture? Is she the woman, who through some misguided period in her life, chose abortion? Is she someone who has helped those who need her most - whomever that might be? The answer? All of the above. [read more]

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness 


Our daughter, Erika, wrote this poem and created the accompanying graphics in commemoration of the four children she lost through miscarriage. These little saints in heaven, known only by God, are waiting for us!

Millions of women are silently grieving for unknown lives.These quiet women walk among us averting their eyes from expectant mothers with proudly rounded belliesAnd arms full of healthy happy babies. [read more]


Can a Non-Catholic Find Comfort In Mary?

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Recently I received a question from someone who is not Catholic. Although she thought it might be a silly question (it wasn't) she wanted to know if a Protestant owning an object with the image of the Blessed Mother, Mary, on it was objectionable to Catholics (it isn't). Apparently, this dear sister in Christ has a great affinity for our Mother and finds comfort from her. What a gift! Many Catholics could take a lesson from this question - I know I did.