Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keep Calm and Catholic On!

The feed on Facebook has lit up with Skittles colors and Papal flags. Sides have been drawn and we are left with the rubble. In answering someone on my Designs By Birgit fan page, I formulated my thoughts in a few simple sentences. That is what I want to share with you today:

Marriage isn't some sort of club that we want to keep people out of - it's a covenant, designed by God and spoken of in Genesis and in the New Testament. 
Marriage is a facet of natural law. It speaks to the physical nature of men and women - different, yet complimentary - and the family that they build through the physical action of their love (children). 
This true description of the sacrament of marriage can't be changed. Others may have relationships, but if they deviate from one man and one woman (for life) it's simply impossible for that relationship to be true marriage.

As we battle mightily to bring God's Truth to the hearts and souls of our loved ones and our country, let's always be mindful of love. Love, the Great Commandment. We, Catholic Christians, aren't called to be hateful, vengeful, or even caustic. We are called to speak the Truth as given to us by the Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ - and to speak it in love. 

We're also not here to convince - the grace to make the righteous, moral decisions comes from God. What we are called to do is to share Truth - even if it finds us carrying one small fragment of His Cross. He was hated yet He lived only love - blameless and compassionate, He died for the sins of the many. Surely we can do our small part to walk in His footsteps. We can never fill them, but in following them, He will lead us Home!

Stay strong and Catholic on!

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