Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dads Matter

In this upside down world we've created an environment where men are no longer held up as admirable for their unique masculine characteristics. In fact, some would have us believe men in general are an optional facet of life. There's surrogacy, IVF, and single moms on Facebook bragging about how they should be honored on Father's Day.

In their displacement, men are changing with these New Age perceptions. Once they were considered the stronghold of society - especially through their unconditional, to the death, devotion of care for their families. Now, they're too often seen as a nuisance. After all, who needs them? They're the adult version of boys with cooties. Sure their seed may be necessary for a while longer - if a woman or homosexual couple wants a child. But even there science has come up with a cure. We're seeing the evolvement of creating babies in ways that could only have been science fiction a few years ago.

God didn't create man and woman for this horrific brave new worldview. He made them - male and female, He made them. In His own Image they were created - with characteristics that are different yet beautifully complimentary.

This weekend we celebrate Father's Day. Let's make this a time for remembering our God-given roles as humans. Women are strong, yes, but in the nurturing self-giving way designed by God. They aren't second class citizens - in fact they have quite the foothold on respect these days. They can't, however, replace the stronger sex. After all, should we really be looking at life as a competition? Weren't we put together as marriage partners in order to help one another to Heaven?

Men are physically and mentally strong in their own unique way. Their bodies are fit for combat - both in physique and in mental prowess. They protect, instruct, and guide. But most of all they LOVE. As the spiritual heads of their households their strong hand portrays a powerful witness - gentle, yet rugged. They are, after all patterned after God Our Father! Like Saint Michael the Archangel, they protect us from the evils - both physical and spiritual - in this world. Never diminish their masculine qualities in an ill-conceived attempt at 'equality'.

Together, male and female, they provide the perfect combination - each bringing their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Yet together, they form a formidable stronghold for the wellbeing of the children to which God has entrusted them! Children are their earthly treasure and deserve to see a godly witness in their parents. This day let's give thanks for the masculine half of that whole.

Happy Father's Day!

PS Let's not forget our priests - the spiritual fathers who bring us the Eucharist!