Saturday, January 3, 2015

12 Favorite Posts for 2014 - A Year In Review

Well here we are, another year in the books! In keeping with the premise of remembering the past while ringing in the new, I've compiled a list of my 12 favorite blog posts from 2014. They may not have been the best - or the most popular - but for varying reasons they were favorites of mine.

Please join me in this brief walk down memory lane. Maybe some of my favorites were your favorites too. Or maybe you've missed one or two that you would have liked - and here's your second chance.


All Dogs Do Not Go to Heaven: What the Pope Really Said

I have to admit, I've been looking for a reason to use this photo I took of our Dachshund and Beagle for years now. When the claim that Pope Francis said animals go to Heaven was broadcast, it was the perfect fit.


Necktie Onesie for Baby Boy

After 4 years without a baby over whom to drool, we were finally blessed with Jacob. As much as I love to frufru up the little girls, boys present a unique challenge. That's why I was so happy to find this darling project on Pinterest.

We've all known people who used to 'do' Halloween, only to be frightened away by misunderstanding the Catholic roots of this holiday (holy day) honoring our beloved dead. Here I presented some solid history and facts about this joyful time.

We're often confronted with differing priorities. Who comes first? Is it the worldly view of 'looking out for #1' or is there a more godly perspective?


Cancer While Pregnant? Both Mother and Baby Can (and Should) Live!
There are so many stories out there about heroic mothers who forfeit their treatment and very lives in order to protect their unborn children. Yet, cancer treatment and a healthy baby are not mutually exclusive. I offer an inside track of the facts - up close and personal.


5 Ways Facebook Can Bless Your Life
We've all done it. Wondering if Facebook is a virtuous tool or a source of devilish temptation. Here I outline my thoughts on the subject.


Mom's Mistakes Strengthened Our Faith
Not all choices made by our parents are perfect. Families aren't perfect. Yet what one takes away from living in the messiness of family life can be the perfect guidebook for a virtuous life.


Veiling and You: 5 Things Catholic Boys and Girls Should Know
The devotion of veiling is gaining ground all over the world. Yet it's still very misunderstood. In this post I address the younger members of the Body of Christ and explain some sound reasons why veiling should at least be considered as a beautiful form of outward expression of our faith.


I am One of the Faces of Abortion - My Face Looks Just Like Yours
In my work for the pro-life cause, I've made many friends who have experienced an abortion and wish to witness for life. My friend, Emily, shares an intimate look at the face of abortion and how she has blessed others with her witness.


5 Fabulous Meatless Meals for Lent
Even is you don't abstain from meat all year long, you will need to find creative, meatless ways to feed your family during Lent. Here I share five of my favorite recipes.


EGG-straordinary Rosary Project for Lent
With Lent approaching, I was looking for a way to encourage children and families to pray a daily Rosary. This little project is both easy and fun for everyone.


Cancer, the St. Peregrine Novena, and a Miracle
Being a part of a 'cancer family' I have petitioned Saint Peregrine on more than one occasion. I've also been blessed to have witnessed a miracle resulting from prayer!

Well, there you have it - the year in review.  Thank you for spending 2014 with me! I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Which were your favorite posts? Were you able to catch up on something you liked and missed? Did I leave any of your favorites out?

Happy New Year!