Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazing Facts About the Miraculous Life of the Unborn

My passion for prolife advocacy is pretty obvious to anyone who even marginally knows me. As an art major in college, I honed not only my creative side, but my public relations skills. These two gifts made the perfect combination for all of the jobs I have ever held - from Executive Director (x2) of a prolife organization to Field Representative for Congressman Ron Lewis (R-KY) who was truly prolife.

Back in the day my favored media consisted of pencils and paper or paint and canvas. As the world become more computerized, the use of graphic design and photography stepped up as the media of the day.

As our family grew and extended into grandchildren, I picked up my camera and compulsively documented their every move. Those babies just make me smile. So it was a natural progression to seize the day and share my images in an effort to win hearts for life. 

This series of 10 Amazing Facts about the unborn was born of an effort to modernize my prolife posters. I experimented with dimension while using photos of now 6 year old Simon. The facts were taken from an article that appeared on LifeSiteNews (my favorite prolife publication).

The first step to changing hearts for life, is educating the public with facts and soft images. We need to humanize the unborn.

I hope you enjoy these posters and consider sharing them to your Facebook friends from my album here.