Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Necktie Onesie for Baby Boy

Who, among proud new mothers of baby boys is not frustrated by the lack of creativity when it comes to garment availability for baby's wardrobe? With baby girls, it's so simple. Glitz it up with over-the-top bows and ruffles - there's no limit to the colors and garments we can use to play 'dress-up' with our little girls.

What are we to do when we want our baby boy to have some fashion fun as well? Here's an idea to nourish the creative side of mamas of baby boys.

The Necktie Onesie

This is so cute and yet so very simple to do. This could even be done without sewing, but edging makes it survive the multiple washings after diaper blowouts and burps gone wrong.

Necktie Onesie Materials:

  • Solid color onesie in baby's current size
  • Small scrap of fabric in a fun print - I used a scrap piece from a Moby Wrap I made of a Monsters Inc. print knit
  • Double-sided fabric fusion
  • Matching thread
Doesn't he look handsome?

Necktie Onesie Construction:

  • Fuse one side of fabric fusion to WRONG side of fabric, according to manufacturer's directions.
  • Using the pattern, cut out the tie and knot pieces. Make adjustments in length to fit baby.
  • Remove paper from other side of fabric fusion.
  • Find center of onesie and lay knot piece in place.
  • Place long, tie piece into desired position - taking care to center lengthwise. 
  • Tuck long tie piece slightly under knot piece. Iron in desired position.
  • Sew along all edges, using either a zigzag or straight stitch.

 Go crazy and make these in different themes - Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday. Make sure to create a matching tee for big brother too!