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Betrayed - Exposing the Anti-Girl Agenda of the Girl Scouts

What fuels your Pro-LIFE drive? Jane, Lifetime Member and one of four generations of Girls Scouts in her family, answers with a tragic tale of betrayal.


Guest Post by Jane Petry

The issue of life has always been important to our family. Even though important, none of us had truly spoken out in a public arena. All of this changed when I received an email from C-FAM Austin Ruse regarding the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. This email spoke to me as a Lifetime Member of the G.S., four generations of our family were in fact members of the Girl Scouts.

Being betrayed by the G.S. was a blow to me personally. I had become a GS in the second grade and went on to earn the highest of all awards which is the now Gold Award. As a Catholic G.S. our troop, led by my mother, was the first group in St. Louis to receive its Marian Award. Our three daughters also earned this award. I was the Troop Organizer, Troop Consultant and leader of girls for more than 15-years. My husband helped with council events and stood with me as I was awarded medals for my work on the Catholic Committee. I dedicated 30-years to that committee in the St. Louis Archdioceses working with girls.

I was a proud Girl Scout, yet willful blindness never really entered into my thinking. I could no longer defend and promote a group, which was dear to my heart, when I realized it was in fact anti-girl. I, as a matter of fact felt guilt that I had unknowingly, as a mother, influenced our daughters. One of our daughters in fact even worked for the Girl Scout Council and later became a Girl Scout troop leader and a Boy Scout Den mother. Another daughter, as a TV news reporter, promoted stories regarding the G.S. and its program, Beyond Bars, and accompanied girls to a prison to visit their mothers. This daughter also sat on a task force for girls and hosted the Gold Award ceremony. We were proud and we were Girl Scouts. Soon granddaughters were added to the list of now four generations of Girl Scouts.

This all ended and my goal became one of exposing their agenda to all. This is not an easy message for a group with years of respect. I knew the indoctrination power this group had, could in fact, have an adverse effect on our culture. Certainly, this new intent and program of the G.S. was not in keeping with our Catholic faith. My Girl Scout background enabled me to soon learn that the G.S.’s new Journey Program had been developed to be a cult. I also knew that the wonderful leaders in our Catholic parishes would never consider implementing this most hideous agenda with their girls. Sadly the Girl Scout Program no longer consisted of badge work, as in prior years, and the majority of troops were only a social club. Unknowingly, parents fed the G.S. promotion of abortion agendas and sexual promotion. Each innocent child that was registered and each box of cookies sold, in fact, fed the evilness of which the Girl Scouts had become. It was clear the organization had become a liberal, progressive, feminist organization intent on changing all that moral parents hold to for their daughters.

Mahatma Gandhi gives us this: First they ignore you...Then they laugh at you...Then they fight you...Then, you win.

I was asked by someone unnamed, “Jane, why are you doing this?” I simply said, “I had not figured out how to tell God no.” There are a number of courageous women involved in this grass roots effort to save our girls. What, as parents and leaders, do we say to our girls if we allow them to be a part of this group that is now known for its lack of morals and values? Our Lord gives us his word as to the consequences of leading a child to sin.

I have said from the start and each day in prayer; Lord let your will be done. I have seen the tremendous power of prayer as that plan has played out beyond the vision of anyone working on this could have imagined. Truly, this has been God’s plan. We are only laborers in his vineyard. To have been chosen is a gift and I proudly accept the challenge. All for the Glory of God.

In His Name,
Jane E. Petry

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For more information about how girls are being betrayed by the Girl Scouts, check out the following links:

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"The documentary shown to the Girl Scouts celebrates abortion, lesbian sex, and sexual freedom. The PBS trailer of the film includes an older woman laughing about faking orgasms--not entirely the kind of thing the family would sit down and watch while dunking Tagalongs into a glass of milk."
“The documentary ends by proclaiming the women’s movement an ‘unfinished’ revolution which must be spread worldwide,” reports Hasson.
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