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40 Days for Life: Help Your Parish Become a Prayer Partner

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In a post last week, I shared an inspiration to create a Pro-Life display for churches, schools, and organizations to use in order to rally support of 40 Days for Life (September 25 through November 3). Last year, the 24/7 peaceful prayer vigil saved at least 603 babies from abortion - and most likely there are more, of which organizers are just not aware.

This will be the second year in a row that several parishes in another state will be using memes created by Designs by Birgit, in conjunction with 40 Days for Life. As promised, I have laid out a simple to follow set of instructions so that, you too, can be a pro-life advocate in your parish or diocese.

Below you will find everything you need to make this life advocating tool for your parish:

List of Materials:

  • 36” x 48” Tri-Fold Display – Hobby Lobby ($11.99)
  • 11 - Printed Pro-life Posters –Go to Pro-Life Share Folder And save them on a thumb drive. Staples will print them for $ .98 each. 
  • 1 - Can of spray mount photo adhesive - Hobby Lobby ($5.99) enough to use many times.
  • Paper Cutter (optional) – for $4, Staples will trim for you.
  • Stick on 2" letters for your chosen title (i.e. Pray for Life!)
  • Printed quotes or developmental stats (Optional Facts) 

Display Instructions:

  • Lay Display on flat surface – either tabletop or floor
  • Trim pro-life posters of excess white. They are varied in size and shape.
  • Follow layout instructions below (or use the posters of your choice) and observe for even spacing and proper order, being careful not to position any posters on the folds of the display.
  • Leaving the other posters in place begin to lightly spray them on the back with adhesive, one by one, and quickly place in proper position. Smooth them down as you go.
  • Affix your chosen title, using the letters you have purchased. For example: Pray for Life !
  • Add some Optional Pro-Life Facts, if so desired.
  • Set on an easel or tabletop for display and keep Pro-life Information handouts nearby.

Build it and They Will Come!

So for around $30, you can make a huge difference in the lives of your church family. You will be helping share information, inspiring others to act, and saving the lives of the unborn! I'd call that a Win - Win situation with very little effort or cost. Won't you join the pro-life movement in this very tangible way? If you have any questions or comments, please comment below or send an email to 

In His Name for Life,
       Birgit J

Sample Instruction Screenshot

Sample Pro-Life Display Schematic and Instruction Sheet (Follow the links above to print out these materials):

Sample Layout (click to enlarge)

Sample Prayer Pledge Screenshot
Sample Informational Handout screenshot

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