Thursday, April 25, 2013

End Abortion: It's Simple, Yet Complicated

One of my pro-life efforts is creating memes that initiate thought, tug on the heart strings, or generally bring abortion into the light. As a rule, I go for the softer type of message - no bloody babies in trash bags or parts spelling out Planned Parenthood. The photos and messages are gleaned from where I am - my family, friends, favorite saints, popes, and such. Inspiration strikes me at the oddest times and sometimes the Holy Spirit will show me a wonderful photo and then - BAM! - a quote will appear in my Facebook wall feed that fits it perfectly. Other times, I will hang onto a quote or a series of photos and it will be months before something gels within this stubborn, creative mind of mine.

Yesterday, I finally had a thought pop into my head that fit 'perfectly' with a photo to which I have been
holding on for quite some time. I'm emotionally invested in this series of photos because the friend who shared them with me is a real life hero...she is living out the selflessness of putting her own life in danger for the good of this, her eleventh living child. With that in mind, I wanted to do my best for her. The thought that popped into my head was S I M P L I C I T Y. Often times, my memes require some thought, accompanying links, or a back story. This time the message was very basic - END abortion! The way I figured it, this would tug at heart strings, serve as one of those motivational posters, and get a simple message out there - you fill in the blanks of how to accomplish it. Plus, it had an element of humor - because the word 'end' is on the back end of the baby's diapered tushy.

So with the meme created, published, and shared with a pro-life group (one of many to which I belong) my mission was accomplished. Right?

W R O N G !

A member of the aforementioned group left a comment below my meme:

Who do you want to end it Birgit? It is a very complicated cycle we are in, very few understand what to do about it even if they agree with you. Most seem to see abortion as ok, so how to reach then is my question?
Good question and not too bad of a jumping off point either! My answer is this: it's a quandary. But the ultimate answer lies with each and every one of us. All of us need to be a part of ending it. If we cultivate a Culture of Life - each one to the best of our ability - there will eventually be a groundswell of love for all Life. It's not ours, it's not the government's, it's not the clergy's - it's everyone doing their part. The rest of it - and the timeline - belongs to God.

At the forefront of what we can do is education. Talk, live, breathe a Culture of Life - always bring it up and help it catch fire. Be the spark in your community and church. For our part, we must inform. We must pray. We must commit to give assistance to women, men, and babies who are affected by an untimely pregnancy - even after the child's life has been spared. In essence, we must live lives that respect all LIFE. It's up to each one of us - individually - to live a Culture of Life. God willing, our efforts, combined with those of others will eventually take us there. In the mean time, I get up every morning and do all that *I* can do for Life - that's my part! What's yours?

NOTE: My friend is scheduled for a planned C-Section on Wednesday. Please pray for good health for both mother and baby. You can find an update on the story at Catholic Sistas.

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