Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dead bodies, severed limbs, blood - Boston Marathon or Kermit Gosnell?

I noticed that a gruesome photo is making the rounds in my Facebook news feed - it shows one of the mangled competitors in the Boston Marathon after the bombs went off. His leg is gone from the knee down but there is a long portion of bone still attached and jutting out where his leg used to be. The same thing happened when, Kevin Ware, a Louisville basketball player, broke his leg during a tournament game recently. There were photos everywhere showing the bone sticking out about 6" from his flesh. These types of explicit photos were/are shown ad nauseam while we are held as a captive audience. These images simply can't be avoided if we persist in our day to day activity on social media.

When something like this – or 9-11 – happens there is a preoccupation with viewing it over and over again. There are constant counts and recounts of - deaths, injuries, spectators, shrapnel, and every other type of tally. It’s as if hearing the minutia of the event will somehow fix the gravity of the situation in our minds. Since we are consumers of the 24-hour news cycle - like a train wreck - we seem to be unable to look away. And so the media shows the same video clips over and over again, others post and we stare at countless pictures. And we somehow try to take in the horror of the current event du jour. 

While the sports injury in Louisville was an unfortunate accident, in Boston the carnage was the result of an act of willful terror. Of course our hearts go out to all victims but, when we are forced to ponder the inhumanity that allows such a willfully depraved act, we see the frightening proof of evil. We are left to wonder how such an act could have been perpetrated by a fellow human being. What motivates such willful destruction? What can be done about it? Where do we go from here? The questions are as numerous as the injuries and the people affected by them.

 And yet…
Kermit Gosnell

When we attempt to expose the grisly horror that is abortion we are called 'over the top'. Facebook censors our fan pages and walls. The pro-abortion crowd vehemently denounces our efforts. We are accused of forcing unwilling spectators to see something so unspeakably evil that it simply can’t be viewed. There, too, are counts and pictures and carnage and blood and severed limbs. In addition, there are ‘trophies’ - babies in freezers, parts in jars. For its part, the media stages a blackout and ignores what's going on in the squalid rooms of abortion mills. And yet the pro-life faithful don’t have to daily peruse the grim reality of a Kermit Gosnell to know that abortion is an act of terror of the highest degree in every.single.instance.

All of the components for news reporting are there: countless victims, cold-blooded perpetrators, and an act so unspeakably violent that we recoil in sheer horror at the enormity of it all. Yet, it goes largely unreported and therefore neatly tucked away in the darkness of the unspeakable. And there it thrives – because no one has to face the ugliness. Pro-life efforts to shine the light of truth on abortion are shoved into a corner where very few will see, ponder, and rise up to ask the same questions they do when any othere act of terror happens. How can such an act be perpetuated by fellow human beings? What motivates such willful destruction? What can be done about it? Where do we go from here? Here, too, the questions are as numerous as the deaths, injuries, and the people affected by them.

With the spotlight finally on an individual who committed such heinous acts, perhaps we will move into a position where the answers will come. The hand of the media has been forced by those of us who rose up and demanded coverage of the Gosnell trial via social media - Pro-Lifers flooded Twitter With 100s of #Gosnell Tweets per second last Friday. More such efforts are currently in the works so perhaps we will finally fill those empty media seats at the Gosnell trial. Now that we have gained momentum, we must forge ahead in exposing abortion as the child murder it is. Maybe we will bring these dark, sinister acts into the light for all to see. And once we are all forced to face what happens at the hands of monsters like Gosnell, maybe we will be able to find a way to end the violence of abortion – for the good of the victims and for the good of our society. 

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