Friday, May 18, 2012

A Little Validation

One of my blogging sisters made a comment last night about how she felt that she has arrived in the blogging world because one of her posts had received a snarky comment - her first. With tongue-in-cheek, I responded that I was 'non-validated' because I hadn't received a single negative - ever. Was I being too cautious in my posting? After all, I can generate really snarky comments in person or on Facebook! Or was my readership not what it should be? The numbers are pretty good considering I'm just a housewife in rural KY.

Today, though, I found validation! OK, so it wasn't that sought after snarky comment, CatholicSistas post was picked up by The Pulpit! Granted, it's not one of my 'deeper' posts, exploring spiritual growth or advocating for the unborn, but still...

I feel my needed sense of validation - I know it's pitiful to admit this, but come on, don't all bloggers have just a touch of healthy (?) narcissum? After all, why else do we 'put it out there' for all the world to see (at least we hope they see what we post)?

Although I am still waiting for my first snarky comment - the ones that I get in my Facebook inbox don't count (cowards!) - the waiting is now a bit more bearable.