Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Age Doesn't Matter in Life

I used to give my sweet mother a birthday card for my birthday. I would tell her she should be the one to get credit for that day because all I had to do was show up; she did all the work! Of course, I never hesitated to accept cards, gifts, or sweets for myself either!

As a child of the late 50s, I didn't realize the entire weight of my mother's accomplishment of carrying me for nine months and then giving birth. It wasn't until years later, when Roe v. Wade was handed down, that I really appreciated what my mother had done for me. As much as a hero that mothers in years past were, today's mother may just give them a run for their money. After all, today there are "choices." Choices which aren't just easily obtained, but encouraged in many quarters. Motherhood is optional now. Life has become cheap--or expensive, depending on your perspective.

Nana and me
Motherhood is not the only aspect of life that has been greatly diminished, however. Again, I can't help but think about my relationship with my mother. As an immigrant from Germany in her thirties, my mother was in for a bit of culture shock when we moved to the United States. Our household in Germany had consisted of both immediate and extended family: her mother, uncle, and grandfather all lived with us from time to time. We even brought her uncle Joe over to the States with us and he remained in our home until he died of asthma a few years later.

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