Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow! Has it been that long!?!

I've been creative, honest I's just that I haven't made my way back to my blog since...July 2009!?! That could indicate one of two things: 1) that I've been lazy and haven't accomplished anything for almost a year or 2) that I've been so busy that I've just not had time to record my activities. I'll go with 2!

So what happened? Well, as my July post tells you, our 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 weeks pregnant. During the past few months there have been many blessings. Erika gave birth to Rachel Eleonore on November 26 (Thanksgiving Day) and both are doing very well! I spent a good amount of time helping out Erika and family while still trying to let Rick know I'm there for him during our small business struggles during this economic downturn.

Fast forward to Spring 2010 and I find that we have undergone many changes. Our son, Rowan, and his family moved in next door to us. Erika and her family live on the other side. This, in itself, constitutes a BIG change for us. There are 5 grandchildren all age 4 and younger...I now find myself with all or some of them on a daily basis as the parents work. They are a joy but also quite the handful: think infant twins + 2-year-old twins + a precocious 4 year-old and you get the picture.

Now on to my creative side. These days I find that my creative side takes one of two directions. I either garden or take photos of the garden (and of course the babies). In my attempt to catch up I will try to post photos most every day as my garden of flowers and grand-babies grows and flourishes.