Saturday, October 15, 2016

Are Political Discussions Creating a Nation of Voyeurs?

Please, for the love of God, stop it already! Why is our already morally flawed society hell bent on continuing to drive our political narrative ever deeper toward unapologetic sleaze?

At this point, more people are 'aware' of the Trump lewd comment and comeon debacle than are 'aware' of breast cancer - to which the month of October is dedicated.

Is this About Smut or Governing?

The narrative is blatantly being dictated to us - even by fellow conservatives. Why are we all spending so much time defending or comparing Trump's sins instead of working on matters relative to the governing of our country? Russia is calling all of her citizens home, terrorists (as well as drug lords, gangs, and rapists) are flooding across our borders unchecked, and our relationships with our allies are at an all time low.

We have an economy that is in the tank, rampant unemployment, hatred between ethnic groups and law enforcement, leaders who create laws out of thin air, and a bloody war on our unborn. There are so many pressing, national issues to discuss and discern before we cast our votes next month. Yet, here we are.

I've seen otherwise faithful friends post obscene photos, comparing Michelle O's feined outrage at Trump while calling Beyonce a 'role model' for young girls - including her daughters. These memes have graphic photos to which I would prefer never be exposed. Not to mention that I cannot even allow my grandchildren to look over my shoulder, while perusing Facebook.

Please, for the love of God, stop it!

While I am well aware of the repugnant behavior of some men, I have had more than enough of the details. There is no defense and no excuse. No comparision will ever resonate with those who are not like-minded. Levels of guilt need no more comparision and, if you have not picked up on the free flowing hypocracy by now, I doubt that endless, salacious repetition will do the trick.

We get it. Some men are pigs. Many men are pigs. Some outgrow the propensity. Some do not. Do we even know who does or does not? Is this this best tack to take when chosing a president? Taking part in the disgusting pornographic exchanges going on at this point will fail to change anything - anyone.

Leadership Limtus Test?

The last time I checked, the oath of office doesn't include promising to be chaste and pure. If that were the litmus test, I doubt that many of our leaders (teachers, judges, or even parents) would pass muster. This is a political issue that has moral connotations, yes. But there is no excusable reason to create a tellall tabloid expose' of potential presidents. The discernment for a president is also certainly not a vetting for seminary. That all candidates are personally flawed is a given. To one extent or another, is that not true of us all?

How a president will lead, in relation to our government and the will of the people he represents, is the pressing issue. More appropriate questions come to mind. What are their plans, who are their advisors, their cabinet members? How will they address the constituion, religious freedom, the right to life, or national defense?

Narrow Vision or Larger Picture?

It might also be beneficial to recall that there are three branches of government. The president has to work with the legislative and judicial branches, so his word alone is not Gospel or rule of law. The party platform he represents, has a certain degree of effect on our government as well, as does his choice of Vice-President. All of these pieces of the political puzzle comprise one, more complete and larger, picture. The various trees make up the government forest, so to speak. Each of these aspects needs careful consideration. A clearer view of the overall picture will give us an opportunity to derive a more complete answer.

So I ask you, are we electing a leader who will protect our country from enemies and hopefully institute more protection for the unborn and the constitution - or are we choosing a dorm mother (father) or nanny for our children? The job description should put focus on the relevant questions.

How many presidents have we had? How many of them were unsavory characters? What was the reaction of the people? How did these issues affect their ability to serve? Do we even know of the skeletons in each of their closets? Have we ever been so hell bent on finding and exposing them? Is that really the premier issue when electing a leader?

Our Country Needs Our Focus

What I see here is an unbelievable, consistent diatribe pertaining to unsavory characteristics. The degree of titilation is palitable. Look at how we are talking and what our eyes are seeing and what our ears are hearing and what our minds are thinking. This has to have the devil giggling at our foolishness. Instead of focusing on issues - real political, nation and constitition saving issues - we are distracted to the point of a comatose, spit flecked nutty over the one thing that is least relevant to the election. Yes, character matters, but it is only one facet of a secualr leader. A strong love of country, the constitution, and capable leadership ability - these are the traits that make a president.

Let us not give in to the willful distraction dished up and served to us. Pray, focus, discern, learn, and vote for the best possible outcome for our country.

God Bless America!