Friday, June 3, 2016

Where Is Your Safe Haven?

We all have them – places we go to feel safe. Whether it’s enfolded in the arms of a loving spouse or the solitude of a chapel, we need a place to soothe our wounded souls.

For me, the location changes with my needs. If I need a quiet place to ponder something I can be found under the big hickory tree. Its sweeping branches shield me from view, but allow a gentle breeze to drift around me.

If my spirit feels broken, I’ll go to the little country church a few miles down the road. It’s always open and I sit, in the front pew, with only the company of Jesus in the tabernacle – and occasionally an elderly priest praying his Divine Office.

If it’s impossible to travel anywhere or the problem seems insurmountable, I can always retreat in prayer. Talking to God, even out loud, can be a safe haven like no other. He is always ready, always listening, and the Holy Spirit will whisper solutions in my ear.

The benefit of being a Believer is that we are never so alone that there’s no one to help us feel save. The safe haven is with us always!

Where is your safe haven? Care to share?



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