Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blessed to be Back!

November has been a trying month for yours truly. What was, for most unwilling victims, a simple 24-hour stomach virus turned out to be a life-threatening illness. What made this particular episode so dangerous remains a mystery - I don't have a compromised immune system, nor is it unusual for my grandchildren to come visit, bearing the type of germs common to most younger school-age children.

Apparently Potassium is Necessary for Life

Things I learned: dangerously low potassium levels will wreak havoc on heart and liver. Without going into details, I'll just share that I spent a harrowing weekend, 5 days in the hospital, and 3+ weeks of recuperating before getting back to my (almost) normal self.

Pondering the preciousness of life and how quickly it can elude us, was a welcome, much needed lesson. There was plentiful time for prayer, meditation, and prolonged analysis of the priorities of life. As always, my family and friends were a great moral and spiritual support - I give heartfelt thanks for them.

Murphy's Law

As Murphy's Law would have it. We also sold our house and moved during this period. There's nothing like having a lawyer, real estate agent, and nurses present in your hospital room, while you sign legal documents. Being of little use while others pack up and move your household is also a humbling experience. Thanks to a faithful husband, dedicated daughter, powerfully strong son, and amazing sister it was all completed within our allotted two week timeframe.

The Holy Spirit Steps In

At the time of my illness, another son and his wife were in New York City because he was a participant in the New York Marathon. Not wanting to worry them, they had not been told I was ill right away. Imagine the awe of the moment we discovered that his wife had lit a candle in front of Saint Brigid (Birgit) for me! When they returned from the cathedral, they learned I was in the hospital. What a moment of grace!

Saint Brigid, pray for us!

As I slowly get back to day to day life and obligations, the importance of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe is not lost on me. He sustains us and He alone is the Author of Life. He gives us what we need - when we need it. He is all we need. To Him be the glory!