Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hearts from Aborted Babies Grown in Rats

No, you didn't read this incorrectly. Functioning hearts and kidneys from aborted babies are being transplanted into rats. Mad scientists are loose all over the world. Even though some purport to have humanitarian goals, their methods are morally bankrupt.

The end game, they claim, is to grow viable organs for transplant - from unborn human babies, to animals, and then back to human recipients.

That organ failure is a death knell for many cannot be denied. Heart disease and kidney failure claim tens of thousands of lives each year. Yet, even this sad statistic doesn't excuse experimentation on babies - sometimes without their mothers' knowledge - whose lives have been taken before birth.

We've heard it said, and rightly so, that 'the end doesn't justify the means'. How true! Rationalizing that these babies are unwanted and it would be wasteful to simply throw their little, tortured bodies away, doesn't excuse this morbid experimentation. In fact, it threatens to produce an even more active marketing of their parts.

Deriving something arguably good from an act as heinous as abortion, doesn't justify the abortion. Nor does it justify the lack of respect for the human remains of these littlest victims.

These revelations also beg the question: Are the babies really dead before this procedure is begun? For more information, please read Ganogen’s Aborted Human Fetal Kidneys and Hearts Living in Rats and Some Ethical Questions

It would seem that, whether you consider yourself prolife or pro-abortion (pro-choice), this information would be deeply troubling, to say the least!

Unquestionably, this is not a pleasant subject. Your friends and family might even complain about your sharing of these horrific scientific experiments. Yet, if we Catholic Christians don't speak up, don't share, who will? As we've already observed, the media won't...