Monday, August 31, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon wrapped green beans

Honestly, my husband and I can't be trusted to attend any type of function - especially a wedding. These occasions are just rife with opportunities to take home great ideas. So it was only natural that we came away with the need to duplicate a recipe after attending the nuptials of the daughter of a friend.

Kelly, I'm totally blaming you for this one!

These little bundles of goodness were so darned good and easily duplicated. Bonus: if you're eating low carb, they're totally 'legit'!

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Fresh or frozen, whole green beans
Onion - peeled and sliced into 'petals'
Bacon slices - cut in half
Seasoning to taste - we used Lime Pepper from Tones

Take 6-8 green beans and form a stack
Add one onion petal to top
Wrap a half bacon strip around beans and onion. Secure with toothpick, making sure to spear onion.
Sprinkle with seasoning, to taste

We baked ours in our trusty convection/toaster oven - quickly becoming a favorite kitchen appliance - and baked at convection 350 until the bacon was crisp.

It took a bit of trial and error. Frankly, it took longer than we thought (close to an hour, after incrementally baking some more until we were satisfied with the result). This may have been because our beans were the frozen, whole green beans you can buy at Sam's Club and were still frozen when we assembled.

Can you believe that's all there is to it?

The flavor can be varied according to which type of bacon and seasoning you use. I would prefer maple cured (a little bit of sweetness never hurt anything), but the savory, smoky bacon we used was fabulous as well.

Next time you have friends over for some finger foods or are invited to provide a snacky dish, try this and impress everyone with your creativity.

We won't tell them how simple these are! LOL

Bacon wrapped green beans - oh so easy, oh so tasty!