Sunday, May 17, 2015

Following A Winding Path


Oh, how we humans cling to it in certain aspects of our life. We're comfortable in our own little niche of the world and we like it that way. No muss, no fuss - that's how we define comfort and security.

Yet how many times is that desire to keep things the same - to avoid the discomfort of change - detrimental to our growth?

After all, growth = change. It's been said that nothing stays the same - things either get better or worse. Yet, if the truth be told, we'd like the option to stagnate in our self-defined comfort zone.

What's that say about our faith, though? If we fear change, of flying without a net into the unknown, aren't we a lot like Peter? He sought to follow Jesus as He was walking on water but faltered in faith to the point of sinking.

As much as we would like to take the shortest path - a straight line - our lives will always be dependent on following a winding path.

As we traverse our way toward Eternal Life, let our faith in God help us to trust the unknown directions He presents to us as life's challenges. After all, to do otherwise would be to deny His trustworthy love!

Let it not be said of us, "O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt?" ~Matthew 14:22-34